Hodinkee Radio

Watch lovers from around the world must already be familiar with the New York-based Hodinkee, the quaint little blog that over the years has turned into the authoritative voice on all things watches, even opening a store in NYC. The folks at Hodinkee have now decided to diversify and what better way to reach your voice to more people in 2018 than start a podcast? Launched on July 23, Hodinkee Radio is already six episodes in and the conversations go way past watches and are accessible even to novices. Hosted by Hodinkee managing editor Stephen Pulvirent, the podcast features conversations with the likes of Star Wars director Rian Johnson, award-winning writer Gary Shteyngart (his New Yorker article Confessions of Watch Geek makes for a riveting read), and American menswear designer Todd Snyder.

“While, sure, this is a watch podcast, it’s not just a podcast about watches. It’s a podcast about people. One of the best parts of doing what we do is that we’re fortunate enough to get to know some pretty incredible people who come from a wide variety of professions, backgrounds, and places. The goal of Hodinkee Radio is to give you a taste of that and to let you in on some of the best conversations that would otherwise be taking place behind the scenes,” says Pulvirent on the introductory episode.

The Fashion Hags

If you’re looking for a fun and light podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Vancouver trio Abby, Evan and Katie are your go-to women. The millennial dream-team infuse humour and snark in equal doses as they opine on latest fashion trends and brands. Whether it’s the Met Gala or the latest upheaval at a major label, these ladies are here to bring you up to date with the latest news from the fashion industry.

Oh Boy by Man Repeller

The people behind the infamous women’s style blog Man Repeller launched Oh Boy way back in 2016, but it’s still going strong with its interview-based format, where host Jay Buim talks to inspirational women about their style, thoughts on fashion and just plain old life. Industry insiders mingle with singers, filmmakers and writers on the Oh Boy playlist and Buim is an expert on making his interviewees open up in surprising ways. An episode with Gloria Steinem is a must-listen.


One of the first podcasts to explore fashion, Blamo! takes a deep dive into the world of fashion “with the people who shape it”. From CFDA award-winning designers to entrepreneurs, each week, founder Jeremy Kirkland speaks with a different guest about their journey through their career and outlook on the future. Our only quibble is that they don’t manage to interview enough women on the show. Notable guests have included Jen Rubio (co-founder of Away), Marcus Wainwright (CEO at Rag and Bone), Jeremy Langmead (Mr Porter), film director Paul Feig, stylist Matthew Henson and Will Welch (GQ editor-in-chief).