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The last 15 years have seen Sharaf DG evolve and establish itself as a powerhouse for electronic retail in the region. What started with a single electronics store in Dubai, today has translated into a complex web of unparalleled retailing via the brand’s omnichannel presence in United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman & Egypt. The growth of the Sharaf DG continues to be fueled by strategic brand partnerships, exceptional service and comprehensive product knowledge. A continuous effort to engage customers with intricately planned loyalty programs like the DG Members program has proven to be a key element in establishing the brand as a one stop solution for all electronic needs in the region.

Changing buying patterns

People spending more time in their homes due to COVID-19 has shown noticeable changes in demand for multiple categories on With professionals working from home and students switching to e-learning, laptops, tablets and netbooks have come to be highly in demand which has translated into 4 times more sales for the IT category.

Home entertainment units have also increased in sales with the highest demands coming in from TVs, gaming consoles, personal care and wellness products. Sharaf DG has implemented multiple promotions to provide value for these appliances including a ‘Big Screens for Less’ promotion on

Cooking one’s own meals and documenting the process for social media has proven to be one of the lockdown’s biggest trends. The growth for the category is expected to continue with Ramadan just around the corner.

DG Members

If you’re currently shopping online at, don’t forget to take advantage of the DG Member program. Firstly, by just spending Dh159 on the membership you receive one year’s subscription with Starzplay (worth more than Dh450) absolutely free. Apart from that, enjoy exclusive offers and pricing on the website exclusively for DG members.

A drastic change in consumer lifestyle has resulted in 6 times the normal order volume on Sharaf DG’s website. Despite heavy traffic and demand, the company has continued to fulfill 70% of their orders within 2 working days.

Saftey at the forefront 

Nilesh Khalkho, CEO of Sharaf DG said,“Despite a spike in demands and the teams working around the clock, safety, hygiene and sanitization remain a top priority at Sharaf DG. From device sanitization, to social distancing and immaculate delivery checks, our team is dedicated providing a seamless Sharaf DG experience while complying with COVID-19’s restrictions. To further ease customers while shopping online, we also have a live chat facility on the website. For customers who have service-related queries, we have a team picking up devices from homes. Most importantly we are the only retailer currently offering 48hours delivery and even installation of major domestic appliances. We’re limited by some constraints of supplies but we are all in this together and by looking out for one another hope to get past these unprecedented times in the best possible way. We are looking at things positively and watching carefully the consumer behavior changes to serve them better.”

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