Dubai: Microsoft Gulf has announced a partnership with Dubai-based Pacific Controls Cloud Services to offer an SaaS (software as a service) portal to provide a range of Microsoft products and software.

“Cloud will predominantly overcome all infrastructures and information technology will 100 per cent be in the cloud in the future,” Dilip Rahulan, executive chairman of Pacific Controls, told Gulf News on the sidelines of a press conference.

He said that a lack of infrastructure was the main reason for not gaining traction. “The infrastructure is not yet ready.”

Companies like Amazon, Google and Intel are building datacentres and are aggregating information on “one unified platform.”

In today’s context, the enterprise part of making all these companies collaborate in the cloud has not taken place, he said.

“There are groups being formed and consolidating their resources. There are no fundamental governance rules on cloud. Some rules have to be written and that is expected in the next two to three years,” he said.

The SaaS platform will help customers convert software licensing and infrastructure cost to operational expenses. The service is provided on-demand upon subscription, along with local hosting, and local helpdesk support.

He said that enterprises can save up to 60 per cent in the total cost of ownership. By optimising the IT system of enterprises, “we look after their infrastructure and business applications so their IT staff can focus on projects that are core to their business and drive growth,” he said.

Bruno Delamarre, Microsoft Gulf’s regional director mid-market and partner solutions said: “At Microsoft we know that a flourishing IT ecosystem supports enterprise and small- and medium-sized enterprises innovation.”

By using SaaS, he said that businesses are able to leverage cloud technology and the advances services it enables to perform better.

Rahulan said that Pacific Controls’ data centres are located at the Dubai Techno Park.

“Many enterprises do not want their data centres to be located outside the country and we expect a significant growth in the cloud services in the next 24 months,” he said.