Living to adjust in a world of eCommerce
Not everything in one’s imagination is suitable for implementation. That holds true for trying to mimic ecommerce ideas too. Image Credit: Supplied

Everyone is aware of the importance and success of ecommerce, regardless of their specializations. As long as one person succeeds in something, you will find dozens, if not hundreds, trying to mimic that based on the principle of ‘why not’. Even when they have no knowhow.

Not everything in one’s imagination is suitable for implementation, as time, place, need and capabilities require to be reviewed for the idea to succeed. If the idea captures a maximum of 5-10 per cent of the project effort, other factors such as the logistical, legal and technical make up the rest.

Specialization in a specific area right at the beginning is important. Trying to focus on multiple aspects will only lead to distraction.

Getting on with the idea

If you got an idea after all that thinking, make sure to divide it into stages and make the first ones the easiest. This way, you can try the idea, look at the results, and then move to the next stage. This method has several benefits, the most important of which are that you do not need to disclose all your ideas to the copycats out there.

And you can estimate the losses in money, effort, and time if the project fails to take off. Make sure to pay attention to any useful details that may appear, as some may be the way to future success.

The trial apps can be launched in the form of a PWA web tool, which works entirely through the browser and without the need for their availability in app stores that require payments of up to 30 per cent.

Targetted reach

Many make a mistake when they do not choose the target group accurately, especially if there are challenges related to the scope of work and checks when it comes to entering some cities. All of this must be paid attention to when preparing the scope determination plan as well as determining the target audience. It is definitely not possible to circulate the doctor’s coat to engineers or the general public.

Some may adhere prefer one particular supplier of the online merchandise over others; but it is always necessary to maintain at least 20 per cent of other distributors even if their quality or prices are slightly higher.

Tech partner

Some may think that the presence of an experienced consultant in a project is unnecessary. But this is wrong and many institutions have made serious mistakes due to neglecting this. Provided that the technical consultant has sufficient experience and a remarkable foresight to understand the project, control its course, and ensure it is fully implemented.

The selection of the implementation team is as vital, including bringing together a technical team that comes up with solutions, whether with or without a consultant on board. The foresight, technical insights, and attention given to customer experience are among the details one should pay attention.

Keep benchmarking

It is imperative to measure results regularly, to follow up to ensure the project does not deviate from the course on which it was designed for; to constantly review the points that had been agreed upon; and to take notes with signatures on the minutes of the meetings.

Broad agreement

In every project, the keenness to sign agreements offering as much clarification and details as possible - such as the source of the app, performance and prices - would protect all parties and maintain the workflow.

Updates are important to fix errors and keep up with the development of the operating systems. Engage in continuous updating and unique offers, while alerting users periodically.

Winning and retaining

The customer is the big unknown in any project, and without him there is no value. Businesses must periodically ask about the extent of satisfaction, receive feedback and respond to them, and try to evaluate if they offer useful additions.

One of the reasons for the winding down projects is the presence of constant negativity exuded by some. Or “overrated drummers” as some call them. We can take their words as criticism, and then avoid the flaws highlighted.

Be sound on the legal

Be sure to strive from the beginning of the project to take all legal measures, such as the 'Intelaq', ‘Tajer’ or ‘Eitimad’ license. But it is always preferable to use LLC licenses even if they are ‘with limited liability for one person’ as these have additional benefits to protect you.

More than anything, keep going back to assess all the milestones reached before the actual project launch.

- Ahmed Al Zarouni is a Dubai-based tech consultant.