Jabra Image Credit: Supplied

What is it?

The new headset by Danish brand Jabra — the Stone 2, coming a year after the original Stone.

What's special about it?

This one talks to you. For instance, you can hear the name of an incoming caller through the headset exactly how you saved the number in your phone. If it's an unknown number, it will read out the number to you.

And you can also talk back, via its voice-enabled system and trigger calls (call dad) or answer an incoming call by saying "answer" or reject it by saying "ignore".

Pair it with third-party apps and you can even let it send text messages or e-mails using your voice or have it read your e-mails to you. Heavy social media users can even update their statuses on Facebook by just saying the word.

Now, in a city where many of us spend our lives in our cars, who wouldn't want this?

What else does it have working for it?

The original Stone was beautiful in its design and the Stone 2 keeps that tradition. While the biggest improvement will have to be on the additional voice commands, the battery life and voice quality have certainly been stepped up.

Designed for the right ear, the curvy Stone 2, Jabra says, comes with improved fit to sit comfortably for different ear shapes and sizes.

The portable charger enables charging on the go and serves as a holder and charger in down time. Weighing only seven grams, the volume control and answer/end button are all touch-enabled.

How do I set this up to sync with my phone?

That's easy. As soon as you pull the Stone 2 out of its dock (having charged it of course) the device will talk you through the steps of setting it up and help you understand the product better. No more rummaging through pesky manuals. The future is here indeed.

So what's the damage?

The Jabra Stone 2 is available in the UAE and retails at leading electronic stores for Dh499.