Dubai Police Traffic Department was among the top winners of the Quarter Century Middle East IT Achievement Awards announced by Datamatix Group on Sunday night.

Awards were also presented to IT business leaders and achievers, and for IT partners, at a high profile ceremony attended by ambassadors, diplomats, top designation executives and managers from the regional government, business and IT organisations in attendance.

"We live in a region where technology is being used to revolutionise many aspects of our industries and society in general," said Ali Al Kamali, managing director, Datamatix Group. "It has played a pivotal role in the development of the Middle East's business and economy.

"The IT industry in the Middle East has been responsible for more jobs, regional growth and a high quality of life throughout the region, and the awards are an attempt to recognise the leaders who have made an impact on the IT industry of the region"

The awards recognised the top three IT business leaders, a leading solution provider and an innovative user of information technology who have driven business development in the region and improved the day to day life of people by providing great services and great return on investment.

Brian L. Harrison, vice president and general manager, Emea, Intel Corp, emphasised the last 25 years of IT development in the Middle East and the great strides taken by regional organisations and individuals in developing the IT industry.

The Dubai Police Traffic Department won the Quarter Century Innovative IT User Award for its initiatives in using IT to deliver better services, improve efficiency, achieve organisational goals and contribute to the overall development of the region.

The award for the Quarter Century IT Business Leaders and Achievers was presented to Abdul Rahman Bin Ali Al Jeraisy, chairman, Al Jeraisy Group; Mohammad Abdul Rahman Al Sharekh, chairman, Al Alamiah Group and Sakhr Software Co; and Abdul Rahman Bukh-atir, chairman, Bukhatir Investments Ltd.

The award recognised the pioneering business leaders from the Middle East who invested the resources and made available the technology, products and services for the phenomenal growth of the regional IT market.

The Quarter Century Successful IT Partner Award was presented to Hewlett Packard (HP) Middle East for its consistent performance in delivering cutting edge technology solutions to regional organisations.