The new online legal finance services will be routed through three add-ons. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A digital community for legal finance professionals – LexHub – has been launched, and billed as a marketplace to generate investment opportunities or benefit from referrals.

The concept has been introduced by Lexolent, which has offices in London and Dubai, and which itself is a network of legal finance professions.

Apart from LexHub, there are two other services rolled out, called ‘LexInvest’ and ‘LexTrade’.

“The online marketplace facilitates primary, secondary, and syndicated investments in legal assets, offering investors access to origination from the network,” said a statement. “And the op􀆟on for secondary or syndication of Lexolent’s executed investments.”

The intention is to bring all the key elements of legal finance into one place...

- Nick Rowles-Davies of Lexolent

The global market for legal dispute spending was estimated at $901.8 billion as of end 2021. The minimum estimated ‘addressable’ market for legal finance could be worth $70 billion plus, with $28 billion committed in 2021.

While LexHub serves as a ‘one-stop shop, leveraging advanced technology to connect capital with originaton, LexInvest offers a dedicated marketplace for primary investments.

Network members upload their origination and in three steps, a case is created and triaged by the Lexolent underwriting team.”

According to Nick Rowles-Davies, Lexolent’s CEO, the intention is to bring all the key elements of legal finance into one place.

That means ‘swift access to investment capital, quality underwriting talent, and globally coordinated origination and deal flow’.