The global market for high-end security gadgets keeps sticking to a high growth path. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: This sure is an industry that keeps on getting serious upgrades. That holds true for the gadgets and technology making up the global security services industry, with the upgrades extending to security cameras and radar systems.

“The security industry and the needs of our customers are in constant flux,” said Ettiene van der Watt, Regional Director for Middle East and Africa at Axis. “We pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with network monitoring and security products.”

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That meant, what the company says, is the ‘world’s first’ thermometric explosion-protected camera specifically designed and certified for use in ‘Zone and Division 2’ hazardous location. This is capable of remotely monitoring temperatures from -40 degree centigrade to 350 degrees, and send notifications to operators based on temperature readings and fluctuations.

There is also the unveiling of high-frequency radar that can ‘detect, classify and track’ humans and vehicles in various light and weather conditions.

Demand for such high-powered systems are trending higher in the Gulf markets, from corporate and government agencies. Axis brought out the products at this week’s Intersec event.