Lately there’s no event in which Comarch Financial Services would not secure a win or a title. Comarch Open Platform is one of the top-tier financial solutions that received multiple awards and recognitions around the world this year, on both regional and global levels.

It’s no surprise to us that Polish IT companies are being internationally recognised. There’s at least a few reasons of it. Apart from hiring IT specialists that are highly qualified, Polish software houses employ newest technologies and apply efficient methodologies. They know their market well and openly talk with their clients about their needs. Last but not least – they are being innovative, developing ingenious products. All of this determines the success of Polish IT industry.

We meet market expectations

The development of IT – same as other technologies – is an obvious driving force of business, including the financial sector. Technology allows to find new sources of income, but also save on the already existing ones. The two go well together. Reduction of technical debt is one of the examples. One has to incur costs and invest in new technology to meet market requirements and be competitive.

The implementation of new technology will bring both savings and target profit. Looking at technological trends in banking, we clearly see the direction of changes towards migration to cloud-based solutions, as well as in the approach to banking systems building, towards microservice architecture.

Comarch Open Platform became one of the top solutions by no mere chance. It answers to current market demands, saving resources such as time and money, and adapting the system to real user expectations.

"Monolithic systems are a thing of the past. Flexible and API-based microservices architecture embedded in cloud infrastructure is the future. We have built the Comarch Open Platform on this principle, which has been enthusiastically received by our partners. Successive awards reinforce our belief that there is no escaping the next phase of digitisation – the client-centric ecosystems," says Grzegorz Urbański, Product Manager at Comarch Open Platform.

Client-centric financial ecosystems are the strong industry direction, enabled by system solutions like Comarch Open Platform – based on microservices, micro-applications and the cloud. Thanks to this, our partners are able independently build and run their own unique services, overcoming any technological hardships. This solves the issues of dependence on software providers as well as internal software development, which is known to be not only costly, but can also quickly become highly unpredictable and unreliable in the process.

Recognised by both clients and experts

We at Comarch are proud that our IT solution is being so well received not only by our clients, but by the industry experts in competition juries.

“The success of Comarch Open Platform is reflected not only in the number of system implementations we are currently providing, but also in the appreciation of our solution by numerous juries. Our multilevel approach to customer experience, but also technical aspects such as the flexibility of the platform to create entire banking ecosystems, were also recognised.

"We are grateful for these awards and for the trust of our customers, with whom we are entering a new phase of digital banking together," says Andrzej Przewięźlikowski, Vice President, Director of Financial Services Division at Comarch.

Comarch Open Platform received the following awards and titles in 2023:

• Best Innovator in the User Experience from Global Finance Magazine, received in Best Financial Innovations 2023 on May 31. This international award honoured Comarch Open Platform’s holistic UX approach.

• Best API/Open Banking Platform Provider for SME Banking from The Digital Banker, received during Global BankTech Awards 2023 on September 8. This international award recognised Comarch Open Platform and Comarch Corporate Banking ecosystem with ready-made banking modules.

• Best Software for SME 2023 from Gazeta Finansowa, received in Turbiny Polskiej Gospodarki (Turbines of the Polish Economy) September report honouring innovative products and tools that support and drive the SME sector.

• Finalist in Bank Builder category from Fintech Finance News, during FF Awards on 28th November. The title was awarded for best product videos for the products that are the most reliable, agile and innovative.

• Best SME Ecosystem Software from SME Banking Club, received during CEE23 SME Banking Conference on 30th November.

• Best BankingTech Solution Provider – Digital Engagement category in Excellence in Tech section from FinTech Futures, received during 2023 Banking Tech Awards on November 30. This award recognises best vendor in the category of technology services and software providers.

You can find more info about Comarch Open Platform solution on: Comarch Open Platform - the omnichannel digital banking platform