Apple’s event on Tuesday is looking be to slightly unusual. 

It will not be in California. It will not be livestreamed.

And there will be no new iPhone — unless the analysts and internet rumor mongers are wrong.

Tuesday’s event will focus instead on education and is even being held at Chicago’s Lane Tech College Prep High School.

The invitation read “Let’s take a field trip.”

Ars Technica is reporting the school has previously taken part in Apple’s Learn to Code program.

The Lane Tech Chicago's largest high school. The school previous took part in Apple's Learn To Code program. - Photo courtesy: DNA Info

Apple is not saying anything official yet about the event, but Bloomberg is reporting that Apple will be offering both software and hardware launches that are educationally focused. 

According to the Ars Technica report, this includes software that teachers can use to assign homework, monitor tests and conduct other classroom activities.

Newer, cheaper iPad?

On the hardware front, Apple is expected to launch a newer, cheaper iPad.

A view of the riverfront Apple Store from the Chicago River. — Apple

Bloomberg is reporting the Apple’s event may be part of an move to regain lost ground in the classroom.

Apple share of the kindergarten to Grade 12 market is only 17 percent, which is slightly behind Microsoft and massively behind Android tablets and Chromebooks, which command 60 per cent market share.


¦   Apple launches smaller, cheaper iPhone
¦  Apple tries to cram too much into smaller iPhone SE
¦   The incredible shrinking iPhone SE
¦  Should you buy the iPhone SE?

Apple’s entry level iPad price is $329.

Chromebooks can be had for half that price.

The new iPad is expected to work with the Apple pencil, although there are rumors that Apple will drop the price on that too.

The Pencil is a wireless stylus that currently retails for $99 (Dh367).

There is also the possibility of an MacBook Air update, but details are scarce on whether this is an update or a redesign.

Did we say 'No iPhone'?

Well, most analysts are saying this is only an outside possibility — but we might see them release an iPhone SE2.

The SE is the smallest of the iPhone line, which comes with a 4-inch screen.

Regardless of what get launched, Gulf News will be attending the event and posting live updates.