The offices of the future have changed since yesterday. Tech has enabled us to get a connected environment that works within a series of self-commands. Image Credit: Reuters

A unique national platform that provides its users with the simplest way to express themselves and share links of their accounts on social media is LinkConnects.com.

It has a special and integrated page for everyone with a simplified design, and allows the sharing of a business card in QR code that includes the company’s logo or a personal photo. Once you share it, everyone can access the information they want on one page instead of multiple links.

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This platform shortens them to a single link. You will have the ability to write and publish useful blogs, as well as list works, achievements, or even products in an automated way or in handwriting.

Offices had a makeover

The offices of the future have changed since yesterday. Tech has enabled us to get a connected environment that works within a series of self-commands. We cite here an example of one such practical scenario.

As soon as you reach the building, your phone informs the server that you are within the geographical area, your attendance is recorded automatically, and then the system sends you the number of the nearest parking lot available for you with a light above it showing the parking spot has been reserved.

At the same time, the air-conditioning, curtains, and lighting devices in the office begin to work according to pre-set options, and the work team staff is notified of your arrival to prepare for any scheduled meeting. As you enter the building and the systems recognize you through facial recognition, the elevator suggests the floors you are allowed to visit.

After that, you enter the office without any card, and all of this is from the moment of the system’s automatic recognition of your identity. You will also find a small personal assistant screen that displays the schedule of meetings and tasks, and then at noon the colors of the lights change and the curtains begin to drop bit by bit depending on the temperature and the amount of brightness.

You are alerted every hour about the need to get up and move to keep the blood flowing, as well as the need to drink water. All devices are controlled through voice commands or touch.

The process is reversed when you leave the office, as the systems start to close, the car is prepped, and signs show you the fastest exit, weather, and road conditions. This is the simplest example of smart systems for the present-future office.

Can cost a job

It is important to define job descriptions provided they are constantly updated to include and contain the most important related tasks. It can differ from one employee to another, even if they are of the same rank.

It is necessary to write this down so that each individual is fully aware of basic tasks.

Everyone must have a chance to work with complete flexibility and harmony, and thus contributing to the greater good of the institution.

All in the identity

One of the beauty of identification protocols is when you share any of the website links, the image, logo, title, site name or author and part of the content appear in an organized manner whenever the link is shared, including on social media and messaging applications.

This indicates the website adopts the latest practices, supporting best technologies, and facilitating access to content and search engines. Most websites support and take care of these necessary and indispensable protocols, the most important of which are schema.org, twitter cards, and Open Graph.

This is a semi-mandatory procedure for any website.

Go for DMARC

It is a useful protocol that contributes to reducing misuse of email domains in a fake way, such as getting an email from Noon, when in fact it is not from them. The idea is that "DMARC" protects you from unauthorized use of the e-mail domain. When sending messages, the receiving server checks if the source is correct and receives the mail, otherwise it is rejected.

Support systems

Documenting technical support, reviewing its data, and analyzing it periodically gives a vast amount of information, especially if all requests and activities are recorded in the form of tickets with a listing of the reasons, methods of solution, mentioning the participating work team, and recording the duration. This way, it is possible to review the recurring problems, place them among the priorities, and find a radical solution to them.

This can also help identify serious errors evaluate the performance and systems. Also, adopting and training in ITIL gives the team greater performance in addressing such issues.

Watch that charger

Having a phone charger in cars has become a necessity for everyone, and these vary in their quality and which affect the speed and quality of charging. It may also affect the phone, if the charger does not support safety regulations is used.

It is also noticeable that some devices continue to consume the car’s electricity even if turned off, and you will find in a few days that the car battery is no longer working. Therefore, pay attention and be careful to remove the charger from the socket when getting out. And always buy approved chargers from Samsung, Huawei, UGREEN, Anker, Sony, and others.

- Ahmed Al Zarouni is a Dubai-based tech specialist.