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As mobile phones become more and more advanced, it seems that the various ringtones and message alerts they come with get worse and worse. Both at work and in the coffee shop, your day can be ruined by those with horrid-sounding phones, and ruined even more if they have the volume anti-socially loud.

To draw attention to the biggest offenders, here are the five worst sounds you can use on your phone. To make life better for those around you, keep your phone on silent!

5. Original Nokia ring tone

Used to death and immortalised by British comedian Dom Joly in the 1990s, the famous Nokia ring has evolved from an irritating two-tone monophonic beep to a full-blown irritating opera. While the tone is just about acceptable on one loop alone, it quickly becomes insufferable if the phone isn’t answered immediately.

4. Crazy Frog

It’s hard to believe that the Crazy Frog is now 13 years old. When it first came out a lot of people found it mildly amusing. But in as quick a time as it became popular, it became loathed. The joke, if there was one, had passed.

3. Warning, warning, the wife is calling

There is little more tragic than a grown-man assigning this personalised ringtone to his wife’s phone number. Whenever she calls, we hear the nuclear bunker algorithm and all share a laugh – the first time.

2. Plopping keypad

One of the questions that no phone-maker has ever answered is: “why do we need phones with keypads that make a noise?” Seriously, what is the point of such a thing? With every press of the button it’s plop, plop, plop, drip, drip, drip. If you sit next to anyone at work who spends most of their day texting, then you will appreciate how unbearable it is.

Ah! We can't even put an audio clip up for you it's so bad. 

1. Samsung whistle

Coming in at number one on our list of the World’s Worst Ringtones is the truly hateful, antisocial Samsung whistle. Those who have this as their message alert tone are probably not aware of just how irritating it is. They have no idea how much it disrupts others from their work if they have the volume set to maximum.

It is, without question, the worst phone noise in the world.