Slah Bramly, technical secretary of UAE tennis body, says they are sticking to ITF guidelines before opening up the facilities in the country. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: The UAE Tennis Association (UAETA) has urged all academies and institutions in the country to adhere to it’s mandatory rules and conditions prior to opening up to the public in the near future.

The UAETA has been advised by the Dubai Sports Council (DSC) that the imminent opening of tennis facilities in the country would need all of them to stick to a set of guidelines laid down by competent authorities in the UAE.

The mandatory requisites say each academy and institution will have to sumbit their current UAETF Affiliation Certificate, their DSC Registration Confirmation, a copy of coaches’ card given by the UAETA, a COVID-19 negative test certificate for coaches and allied staff members while designating a name of a staff member who would act as the COVID-19 supervisor.

“The UAETA is awaiting an imminent announcement of the progressive re-opening of tennis activities in Dubai. So it would be helpful if all the clubs, academies and sport services companies operating under the authority of the UAETA start with this process as soon as possible,” a notification from the UAETA, has informed its partners.

As per a recent study conducted, there are more than 80 clubs, insitutions and academies dealing with tennis in Dubai alone. Only 32 of them have obtained affiliation from the governing body for the sport in the UAE.

Recently, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) also issued a framework containing a minimum recommended standard for the return of the sport globally. The use of separate set of balls, the elimination of handshake and other forms of physical contacts, no post-match showers, modified changeovers and playing behind closed doors without spectators are among the new regulations laid down by ITF.

The tennis facilities have also been cautioned that no one will be allowed to operate without providing the requirements stipulated, after which each of the institutions will be given an official permit to re-open.

“The ITF guidelines are clear and we are merely carrying out what is required by all institutions and academies based here as per guidelines laid down by the government,” Slah Bramly, technical secretary, UAETA, told Gulf News.

“Now it is time for all academies and tennis bodies to respond. The government is doing everything possible to ensure that everyone gets a perfect and safe environment to practice tennis,” he added.


1. 2019-2020 UAETA Affiliation Certificate

2. 2019-2020 DSC registration confirmation

3. Copy of 2019-2020 UAETA Coaches Card

4. COVID-19 Negative Test Certificate for coaches and staff

5. Designated COVID-19 supervisor