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Dubai: With the ongoing rains in the UAE, Dubai Media Office has issued an advisory for residents to refer to, to stay safe, when they are driving or if they are at home.

Here is a list of all the top questions that have been answered.

1. I need to leave the house for an urgent matter ... what should I do?
Make sure your road route is open and avoid low-lying areas prone to flooding. Stay updated by following the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) social media channels.

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2. My vehicle broke down on the road amidst the unstable weather conditions. What should I do?
Safely pull over to the roadside or, if you are unable to do that, activate your hazard lights to alert other drivers. Place a warning triangle 50 metres behind the vehicle and move to a safe roadside location. Afterwards, contact the police to report the issue.

3. Visibility is extremely poor while driving, due to heavy rain... what should I do?
Gradually manoeuvre to the side of the road and seek the nearest safe place to take shelter.

4. The water level in my vehicle has begun to rise. What should I do?
Stop where you are and avoid entering deeper water. If the water level in your vehicle keeps rising, call Dubai Police Operations at 999 immediately for assistance.

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5. Rainwater has entered my home, and its level is rising. What should I do?
Quickly disconnect the home’s main electrical panel and move to the highest, safest spot. Call the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority at 991, then contact Dubai Police Operations at 999.

6. How can I learn about road closures and alternative routes?
Follow the RTA's social media channels.

7. I’m unable to drive through flooded roads. My only option is to take an alternate route against the flow of traffic. What should I do?
Immediately contact Dubai Police Operations at 999.

8. I'm driving on a highway and facing strong winds... what should I do?
Safely pull over to the right side of the road and steer clear of objects that may fall, such as poles, trees, and billboards.

9. The elevator I’m in has stopped due to a power outage. What should I do?
Stay calm and immediately call Dubai Police Operations at 999.

10. I am trapped in a flooded ravine area with flowing water... what should I do?
Seek the closest safe location and promptly contact Dubai Police Operations at 999.

11. My boat is being tossed around by strong waves in the sea... What should I do?
Immediately call Dubai Police Operations at 999.

12. I lost my vehicle number plate, and I can't get a replacement until the centres reopen.
If you lost it in Dubai, apply for a lost vehicle plate certificate through the Dubai Police smart application. Then, visit the nearest specialised RTA centre to request a replacement.

13. My vehicle has encountered issues due to the rainy weather. What should I do?

You can apply for a ‘To Whom It May Concern: Natural Disasters Certificate’ through the Dubai Police smart website or the Dubai Police application on iOS, Android, and Huawei platforms, without the need to visit police centres.

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14. What should I do if the electricity in our house has been cut off?
If the electricity is disconnected from the main control panel or power source, do not attempt to restore it. Contact the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) on 991. They will send a specialised team to assist you.

15. How can I report dense smoke rising from a building?
Please dial 997 to report the incident. A team will be promptly dispatched to handle the situation.

16. There is smoke coming from the electrical generator in my house, what do I do next?
For your safety, please stay in a secure location outside the house. Call 997 immediately for assistance.

17. There is smoke rising from my car, what do I do?
It is advised to immediately leave the car and move to a safe place. Dial 997, and a team will be dispatched to assist you.

18. There has been an electrical incident in my house, what can I do?
Avoid tampering with any wires. Keep all family members in a secure location and refrain from attempting to restore power. Dial 997, and a team will be dispatched to address the situation.

19. There is a fire in my house, what should I do?
Everyone should evacuate the house immediately. Dial 997, and a team will be dispatched to address the situation.

20. What measures should we take if water is surrounding our house, and we are unable to leave?
Do not tamper with any external drainage pipes. Close doors and windows tightly. Contact the Dubai Municipality through WhatsApp on +971800900 to request for water pumping service.

21. What should be done if water has entered the house?
Keep electrical tools and appliances away from water. Disconnect unnecessary appliances. Contact the Dubai Municipality on WhatsApp at +971800900 for water pumping service.

22. What can I do if water has flooded my house, and it's no longer safe to stay?
Prepare for evacuation and make sure to disconnect all electrical appliances and power sources. Contact the police on the emergency number 999 for assistance, and they will dispatch a team to aid in the evacuation process.

23. Are there concerns about water contamination in the emirate of Dubai due to rain?
There have been no cases of water contamination in Dubai.
However, as a precaution, we advise people to avoid accumulated rainwater and stagnant water. We strongly urge the public to seek official information for updates.

24. Has the Dubai Health Authority issued warnings about potential water contamination? Some public members want to test the water in their residences to ensure it is not contaminated.
The Dubai Health Authority has issued a general health advisory following recent rainfall, which includes preventive measures that can be taken. Please get in touch with Dubai Municipality for water testing, as they are the relevant authority.

25. Are the rumours about water contamination accurate? Some people are experiencing symptoms like diarrhoea and vomiting.
We advise the public to seek medical assistance and receive appropriate treatment if they experience any symptoms. While these symptoms may not necessarily be related to water contamination, stagnant water can contribute. Therefore, we recommend avoiding stagnant water in any area.

26. How can people prevent and protect themselves from exposure to water contamination?
Several measures can be taken to prevent and protect against exposure to water contamination. These include avoiding direct contact with accumulated rainwater and stagnant water, properly draining accumulated water, refraining from using or drinking rainwater, and maintaining hand and food hygiene.

27. Members of the public are concerned about the occurrence of cholera in the emirate of Dubai. Are there any cases of cholera?
There are no cases in Dubai. We advise the public to rely on official channels for accurate information and recommend preventive measures in all seasons and weather conditions

28. Waste has accumulated in the area around my residence due to heavy rainfall. What should I do?
Waste collection has been suspended, temporarily, due to water accumulation obstructing vehicle movement. Collection will resume immediately once the rain stops.

29. There are large accumulations of sand in the area where my house is located. How can I get assistance?
Dubai Municipality has deployed field teams to remove sand accumulations. Sand accumulations will be dealt with and removed as quickly as possible.

30. What are the procedures and guidelines I can follow to avoid the accumulation of rainwater around my residential or commercial property?
Clean internal rainwater drains within the building or house. Use designated rainwater drains to drain rainwater accumulations.
Avoid opening and using sewage drainage holes to drain rainwater.

31. The ground sewage drains and water drainage networks around the house are blocked. What should I do?
Please contact Dubai Municipality's call centre at 800900 or via WhatsApp on the same number immediately. Provide the location details and report the blockage of sewage networks. Emergency field teams will respond promptly to address the issue.

32. Water has leaked into my house. What should I do?
Disconnect the electricity supply immediately. Contact Dubai Municipality to report the rainwater accumulation and request the water suction service.