Victory Team triumphed in Florida. Image Credit: WAM

Dubai: The chairman of the Victory Team board of directors has vouched to build on this season’s success for next year.

“Class One racing couldn’t have got any better than this. I am very happy with what we have achieved. It was a very competitive race and it is an amazing feeling to see these young drivers (Salem Al Adidi and Eisa Al Ali) achieve such a feat. The competition level was very high and this makes our first world championship in the US even sweeter,” Bin Huraiz told Gulf News from Florida in the early hours of Sunday.

“We were racing against some of the best teams in the world of Class One. And to come out winners against the likes of 222 Offshore Racing and Miss Geico that has drivers like Giovanni (Carpitella) and Steve (Curtis) is indeed a dream. This victory will definitely give our young drivers the feeling and confidence of being true world champions in every sense of the word,” he added.

By the end of the sixth lap of the 12-lap race, Victory 3 were ahead by more than a rooster tail length of 222 Offshore who were being pressured by Stark and Tomlinson in their Victory 33 boat. Assured that they were being well marshalled, Al Adidi and Al Ali just held on to their line never allowing 222 Offshore any space to gain on them.

Victory Team made their offshore powerboat racing debut in 1986, but it wasn’t until 1990 that they began to build their own boats. They made their Class One debut as a guest entry at the end of the 1992 season, and then went on to win their first world title the following year. Since then, Victory Team has gone on to win an amazing 14 Class One World Championships with the last one of these coming at the end of the 2014 season.

“This is a very good platform for this year and it is pointing to a promising next season. We have been assured that the championship will get even stronger as every other team will want to beat Victory Team, the world champions,” Bin Huraiz said.

“Salem and Eisa did a great job and this indicates a very promising future as this is their first year together as a pair. We will carry on from here.”