Abu Dhabi: Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama on Friday joined a successful line-up of artists that entertained audiences at Yasalam's Beats on the Beach concerts.

The Yasalam Beats on the Beach concerts started on Tuesday and are expected to end on Saturday.

"I'm very excited to be here. I am a huge Formula One fan and I can't wait to see the races… I even brought my family so we could all enjoy it together," Alama said.

"I haven't been given the opportunity to ride in an Formula One car though, but I would love the opportunity to do so. Instead, I've participated in many celebrity races and other similar events," he added.


The critically acclaimed star also said he was highly impressed with the series of Yasalam events, both on the Corniche and throughout the city.

He commended the manner in which the concerts provided the public with the opportunity to be part of Formula One, even if they were unable to attend the races.

"Events such as Beats on the Beach are wonderful, because they allow people to discover not only various cultures and musical styles, but also helps them feel that they experienced Formula One," he said.