Dubai: As part of the ninth renewal of the His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup, the Dubai Equestrian Club, the organizing body for the sport of endurance riding in Dubai, launch an Arabic language version of the mobile phone app, Dubai Endurance.

The Dubai Endurance App allows the user to follow all endurance events held at Dubai International Endurance City, including the HH Endurance Cup that was held on Saturday, January 9.

In addition to the app being available in both Arabic and English languages, a new feature will allow users to follow the locations of horses when they have returned from a loop of competition. The feature includes a diagram that includes representations of the start /finish gate, veterinarian inspection enclosure and cooling off area that will pinpoint the horses’ location for users.

Features of the Dubai Endurance app include: real time updates, allowing users to follow the action of the ride; ride tracking, providing specific details of the competitors ride; ride summary, giving totals for competitors eliminated, finished, on course competing or preparing to return for the next loop; start list of competitors; gate results and more. The Share functionalities have been added to allow users to share the race information with those who do not have the App installed on their mobiles using WhatsApp, Email or SMS. In addition, details of the ride can also be posted on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.

For competitors, riders, trainers and officials, the Dubai Endurance app is essential as it provides a convenient way to manage ride entries, check upcoming rides, view results and gain access to all related ride information from their mobile phone.

The Dubai Endurance app is free to download and is available on both the I-Phone app store at: Dubai Endurance App - Iphone version and Google Play: Dubai Endurance App - Android Version