Sport - Golf - Joshua Grenville-Wood
Joshua Grenville-Wood will now represent the UAE and Emirates Golf Federation Image Credit: Harry Grimshaw, Gulf News

Professional golfer Joshua Grenville-Wood has been granted UAE citizenship and will now play his professional golf representing the UAE and the Emirates Golf Federation.

Gulf News exclusively spoke to Joshua about this momentous day in golf for him, the United Arab Emirates and the Emirates Golf Federation.

“It’s pretty amazing that this has been able to happen” said Grenville-Wood. “It’s almost impossible for someone outside the UAE to gain citizenship and a passport. So to have this opportunity is pretty amazing.

Life changing for me

“I truly am honored that the UAE and the EGF have wanted me to do this and have given me the opportunity to do this.

“There are some really exciting things coming down the line over the next few months and at the start of next year. With these opportunities I will be able to showcase my skills in them which truly is life changing for me.

“Hopefully I can give back just as much as they have given me. Representing the Emirates Golf Federation and helping the next generation of Emirati’s, local amateurs and even some of the younger pros in helping them build up and enjoy this game.”

Sport - Golf - Grenville-Wood
Grenville-Wood has been a resident in Dubai for over 4 years Image Credit: Harry Grimshaw, Gulf News

Supporting the vision of the UAE government

General Abdullah Al Hashmi, Vice Chairman of the Emirates Golf Federation commented on the exciting news for the Federation and the country, “The Emirates Golf Federation is supporting the vision of the UAE government in providing UAE athletes and residents the opportunity to represent the country due to the fact that these individuals are products of the UAE because they practice and train within the country.”

Grenville-Wood continued “When I was approached by the EGF, for me it was a no brainer to change to the UAE and EGF to be able to get that support and get that backing from the guys, I have never had that before in my career.

Sport - Golf - Joshua Grenville-Wood
Grenville-Wood being interviewed by the Challenge Tour Media back in April at Abu Dhabi Golf Club Image Credit: Harry Grimshaw, Gulf News

“It’s truly amazing, and I can't thank everyone enough for what they have done to give me this opportunity and I can’t wait for what the future holds for everyone. It’s exciting times ahead and the game is growing in the Middle East and it’s only going to keep getting better and better, so to be part of that now is truly amazing.

“I’ve got my passport and my ID’s, so now I can officially call myself an Emirati and a UAE citizen which is pretty cool!”