Rio de Janeiro: Clashes broke out between police and fans who were celebrating their team’s victory in South America’s biggest regional tournament in Brazil’s capital.

Tens of thousands of fans, wearing Flamengo’s red and black colours, had gathered at the city centre on Sunday to welcome back players from the Flamengo team after their 2-1 victory over Argentina’s River Plate 2-1 in the final of the Copa Libertadores in Lima, Peru, which took place a day before.

The vehicle carrying the Flamengo team was surrounded by security guards as it slowly made its way through the packed streets.

However, according to a BBC report, a fight broke out towards the end of the victory parade. Stones and bottles were thrown at police who responded with tear gas.

Police also used batons against fans while others drew their weapons amid the chaos.

It was not clear as what triggered the violence. However, local media reports stated that said the vehicle had turned off a main road when some of the fans apparently tried to break through the security cordon. Police then had to move in following which a fight broke out.

After a while, the city centre was cleared and police took control of the situation.