Brazil legend Ronaldinho has been taking on football fans at JBR, Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: When it comes to football advertisements it is safe to say that the ones created by Pepsi are miles ahead of the others.

The soft drinks giant has produced some of the best featuring the biggest names in the game along with trick shots galore and unforgettable soundtracks. It is hard not to relate the brand to the beautiful game and its latest offering, ‘Nutmeg Royale’ which stars Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba and Ronaldinho, will leave you breathless.

The film is loaded with classic football and Pepsi references, and jumps out of the screen with colourful, retro video game-inspired graphics.

In support of the new ad Pepsi created a once-in-a-lifetime fan experience at The Beach, JBR, headlined by the former Brazil legend himself.

The former world champion and Nutmeg King delighted fans in Dubai by showing off his fast footwork on The Beach before challenging onlookers to the ultimate battle on a one of a kind, custom-built Pepsi Nutmeg Foosball Table.

He has since been surprising fans by popping up in locations across the Emirate and challenging them to a foosball tournament on the table. When asked how he felt to be featured in the Pepsi advert with Messi and Pogba, the former Barcelona star says it was a lot of fun. “It was so enjoyable. They both are my friends. It was so special and being with them is always fun.”

Ronaldinho, who also played for Paris Saint-Germain in a glittering career, knows a thing or two about nutmegs as he used the move regularly to bamboozle opponents but do any stick out? “It is difficult to choose one, I have been lucky to practice nutmeg many times. I don’t have a special one, but I like to watch the videos now and I enjoy them,” he said.

Thrilling experience

Commenting on the Pepsi Nutmeg Foosball Table, Ronaldinho said, “Celebrating the launch of the Pepsi Nutmeg Foosball Table by surprising football fans was such a thrilling experience. It’s always a pleasure to work alongside Pepsi who really set the bar when executing huge football moments within iconic worldwide locations. There’s nothing that makes me happier than sharing in the excitement and fun of a nutmeg, so being on the beach meeting fans and celebrating one of my favourite skills was a lot of fun.”

He played mostly as an attacking midfielder but was also deployed as a winger and is widely regarded as one of the greatest players ever. During his time at the Nou Camp he saw a young Messi develop from the youth teams to the senior side and there is no doubt that he helped to make him the GOAT. “Since he was younger, we all saw that he had a brilliant future, I noticed that he will be the GOAT and I have been lucky to play with him, to be his friend not only with him but with his family too, we have a close friendship and every time I see him playing it is always a proud moment.”

Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs recently handed Ronaldinho a 10-year Golden Visa following other superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Novak Djokovic and he says he is very proud to be given the residency award. “I feel very happy due to the warmness I receive from the people of the UAE. I am very thankful for the love and respect that I’m receiving here.”