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Gujarat Titans' Rashid Khan appeals successfully for a wicket. The Afghanistan leg-spinners' universal appeal has diminished and only growing with age. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Rashid Khan is synonymous with mystery. Keeping the batters guessing. Twenty20 is all about going all out on the attack, so the batters try to get a little clue or guess what they would get from a particular bowler. With Rashid Khan, it is almost impossible. He disguises his variations perfectly and his unorthodox action also helps him to play his cards close to his chest.

Still if you try to go after the Afghanistan spinner, who at the age of 24 is probably one of the most recognisable faces in franchise cricket across the world, Rashid Khan bowls fast and almost stump line. He operates in such a fashion that he will challenge the batters to go after him, saying you miss I hit. Most of the times, Rashid hits.

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Keeping mystery intact

The leg-spinner has played 100 IPL games and is in fourth spot with 14 wickets in eight games for defending champions Gujarat Titans. When all other mystery spinners have been demystified, Rashid still manages to conjure a spell on the batters even after several years in the franchise league. The reason is, he is able out-think the batters, keep varying his line, length and the speed so subtly that he ends up with the wicket.

Generally, Rashid Khan brings the ball in with his goolies or bowls the top spin. He doesn’t get a big turn from his stock delivery the leg spin. With lots of hardwork, Rashid has mastered the art to keep his mystery intact.

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Rajasthan Royals opener Yashasvi Jaiswal celebrates his maiden century in the Indian Premier League's 1,000th match against Mumbai on Sunday. Image Credit: AFP

Similar is the success story of Yashasvi Jaiswal. Talent and hardwork go hand in hand for this young Rajasthan Royal’s batter. His success has only highlighted the importance in the process of building one’s career. The 21-year-old, who has seen the worst in his life, has made him bold to face the world and the rival bowlers.

Extremely talented

The left-hander, who had sleepless nights as he was homeless and had to sell pani puris to foot his bills, showcased his skills on the big stage with two consecutive knocks — a 44-ball 77 against Chennai Super Kings and surpassed his highest IPL score two days later with a century against Mumbai Indians — that has set him apart, bringing the entire spotlight on him.

Earning rave reviews from former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the current Indian captain Rohit Sharma, stinging them with classic knocks, must have boosted his confidence sky-high. Still, Jaiswal has his feet firmly on the grounds.

“He is not just extremely talented, but also really hard-working. He has spent a lot of time in preparations, a lot of time in the nets working on his preparations. He has worked on his game for three to four years with us and it shows he is very focused and driven and the results are showing,” Sri Lankan great Kumar Sangakkara, said after Jaiswal single-handedly led Rajasthan to a healthy target against Mumbai Indians on Sunday. “Yash has a long way to go, not just with Rajasthan, but internationally. He just needs to keep working hard, keep producing the runs and knocking on that door.”

The sounds of his willow has started making the right noises.