Shreyas Iyer and his Delhi Capitals teammates enjoy a laugh in training in Dubai.
Shreyas Iyer and his Delhi Capitals teammates enjoy a laugh in training in Dubai. Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: Shreyas Iyer, skipper of the Delhi Capitals, is a very interesting individual.

Besides his key role of leading his Indian Premier League team on the field, where he is responsible for every strategic move, every risk under taken, every heartbeat — he is clearly a thinker.

If you ever wanted an insight into the mind of a sportsman, you have just got to check out Iyer’s blog, or ‘letter’ as he calls it, on the DC website.

For one, it’s not just about cricket — which is why he is here in the UAE as part of the IPL — his writing is a mix of musings about his life in the bio bubble, the view from his hotel room and his extraordinary team spirit.

Iyer is just as skilful with his prose as he is with his bat; he also plays for the India national team and Mumbai in domestic cricket.

Personal blogging, like the ‘letter’ Iyer posted, usually helps you put your thoughts out in the open, exposing yourself to others and showing just how passionate you are about life in general.

And that’s what gives Iyer’s blog an edge, where he says he “marvels at everything” he sees from his Downtown hotel room across the magnificent Burj Al Arab.

“It is the most breathtaking of them all, a modern day wonder — the Burj. 209 floors,” he writes. “It’s mind-boggling, and surreal at the same time.

“Between the unreal beauty of the Burj during the day (when the reflective glass stares at you) and night (when the shiny lights come on) is where I find MY reality.”

Iyer reveals how he resolutely follows protocols and social distancing even though he misses being with his teammates, which in itself is what is expected from a leader, like him. He leads by example.

His extreme passion for the sport that runs through his veins, has made him who he is and what he lives form comes shining through in passages on cricket.

“When we finally got the go-ahead for our very first training session of the season, the excitement was palpable,” Iyer writes. “Ricky (Ponting, the DC coach) was still in quarantine, which means his opening talk of the season was going to be over a Zoom call.

“Go easy, not lazy,” he told us, “Slow and steady, short and sharp sessions to start with. And more intense as we go along. It’s amazing how much energy he manages to put into us even from across a computer screen,” Iyer writes.

Describing the team’s first training session he says: “The sight of the green outfield, and the white picket fence at the ICC Academy, our training venue, was a sight for sore eyes. How much we’d all missed this for the past few months.

“And before we knew it, it was officially season time! I am frankly finding it hard to describe the feeling when I put my pads, gloves and helmet on, and walked into the nets. As I heard the sweet, sweet sound of bat hitting ball, I waited for my turn like an like an impatient child, full of energy.

“It would be safe to say it was a case of ‘Absence makes the heart fonder’ for ALL of us. All this time away from the game only made us realise just how much we love it.”

Well, if that’s not the way to go about personal blogging, I would not like to know of any other methods to put a personal touch into what you do in life and sport.