Rajasthan's Manan Vohra
Rajasthan's Manan Vohra Image Credit: Manan Vohra Instagram

A bond that is deeper than cricket, Rajasthan Royals’ stylish batter Manan Vohra and young sensation Mayank Markande aren’t just teammates on the field, but they also happen to be really close friends off it.

Manan called Mayank “a very lazy character”. He said: “I have to always push him to go the extra mile in terms of everything, even if it’s training. He’s the kind of character who likes to go easy on things, but I’m always the one telling him to go that extra mile because I know he’s got immense talent and if he improves his work ethics, he will be a definite player for the Indian team for a long time.”

But Mayank was quick to respond to the claim. “I’m not lazy, I’m like a normal person like everyone else but I think he (Manan) is extraordinary — I think even extraordinary is also an understatement for him (laughs). So, if you don’t reach his level, then he says I’m lazy, but on a serious note, I really appreciate him showing so much faith in me.”

Talking about Rajasthan’s ambitions and realistic goals for the season, both were on the same page for a change, with 28-year-old Manan saying:

“As a group, we are all looking to win the trophy. It has been a long time since the franchise has won it, and the best thing is that everyone in our group believes that the team has the potential to make a mark once again. So, we’re aiming for the cup but will be mindful of taking it game by game.”

To which, Mayank added: “Our spinners had done a great job in the UAE last year, so I feel we’re back to utilising our strengths well. We feel really confident going into this phase.”