BC New app aims to connect like-minded mums
New app aims to connect like-minded mums Image Credit: Shutterstock

In this time of social distancing, connection with other mums has never been more important. Which is why expat mum and dentist-turned-tech-entrepreneur Sumayya Sarwar decided to bring forward the launch of her new app, Mama Me, which is now available for UAE mothers to connect and engage, based on their neighbourhood or preferred set location.

“Understanding the challenges a new mother faces, like sleep deprivation coupled with feelings of overwhelming isolation, I decided to create a safe and secure community app for Mums and pregnant women so they can connect, talk and be there for one another,” says Sumayya. “As UAE residents are being urged to #StayHome, I launched the app earlier than expected, in order to open up the community as mothers or expectant mothers are indoors while self-isolating during the Coronavirus outbreak.”

The Mama ME app features include a robust verification process of each user, in order to keep the community secure and to allow women to share information safely. UAE community mums can connect based on their neighbourhood and chat with other users about a range of topics such as breastfeeding, post-natal depression, disturbed sleep and teething.

BC Sumayya founded Mama ME
Sumayya founded Mama ME after her own experiences as a mum Image Credit: Supplied

Unlike a WhatsApp group or Facebook mum’s group, the Mama ME app allows you to connect with other mums one to one, based on their location, interests and age of their children. The mums can search or scroll through the profiles on the connect page to find other mums and then connect by sending a personalised message (a little like a dating app but for mums).

The Mama ME team are working on rolling out more features to make this a useful platform for Mums and provide them with the reassuring presence of a community through their phone.

“While UAE residents are urged to #StayHome during this Coronavirus crisis, Mama ME app is running a series of free interactive expert Q&As on Instagram Live and I’m so excited to be able to engage online with experts ranging from midwifes, child psychologists and counsellors.”

The Mama ME app is now available to download free on the App Store and Google Play.

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