free haircuts
Free haircuts at this Dubai salon for those affected by COVID-19 Image Credit: Supplied

Women have been disproportionately affected by job losses during the coronavirus pandemic, according to figures reported by the Washington Post, and the domestic burden has also hit women hardest, with global figures showing that mothers are more likely to take on the lion's share of home schooling and childcare while working from home. 

"The pandemic has created some very specific challenges that might otherwise not be present for women," says Dr Rose Logan, clinical psychologist at The LightHouse Arabia.

Dr Logan has been running an online support groups for pregnant women and mothers and she says they have all been characterised by a theme of loss - whether it's job loss, or loss of other choices and opportunities in their lives. "I think for some women this has precipitated or worsened mental health concerns. I would say loss is almost the overarching theme."

Against this bleak backdrop, businesses in the city have been rallying round to devise initiatives to give back to those mums and women who are struggling during this difficult time. 

While mental-health establishments that have specialists dedicated to maternal issues such as The LightHouse Arabia and have been offering complimentary sessions for those affected by the pandemic, the SME Rise Collective was set up in April to assist small and medium businesses - many of which are owned by women or mumpreneurs  - with complimentary marketing and PR support.

One of the latest companies that is striving to help ease mums' burden is a JLT-based hair salon called THT - That Hair Tho. Throughout September and October it is offering a complimentary haircut, wash and blowdry to any working mum or woman in the city who has lost her job, or who is leaving the country due to the pandemic.

In addition, any women or mothers hoping to go back to work who have job interviews impending will also be able to get a complimentary haircut to help them look their most professional and give them a confidence boost ahead of the interview.

To book you need to present some evidence of your individual situation and how it has been affected by COVID-19. There will be three appointments available per day.

THT is located in Cluster N, Jumeirah Lake Towers, The Dome Building, Basement Level, B04. To book an appointment call the salon on +971 45896670 or whatsapp 055-9453125.