Caught in the act Image Credit: TikTok/@rhythmlessman

When a teenager, Jesse, snuck back into his house with his friends in the dead of the night, suddenly the light came on and Alexa began to speak, scaring the lot of them.

Then out came the Jesse’s dad, laughing. Fortunately, he caught these shenanigans on video and uploaded it to his TikTok account, @rhythmlessman. And so his ‘home movie’ went viral – it garnered more than 20 million views and thousands of comment.

Here’s what went down.

In the video, Jesse climbs through the window followed by his friends. The lights switch on and Alexa deadpans: “Hi, Jesse! Next time, just say you want to go out, so you don’t have to climb through a window with all your friends.”

The teens’ response is epic, they don’t know whether to laugh or scream – most are seen with their hands over their mouths to stop either knee-jerk reaction.

The dad proceeds to spring forward laughing and it all ends well – kind of.

Jesse’s expletive-laden congratulations to his father didn’t go down well with some online; they wrote in criticising the exchange.

That’s when the dad came to the son’s defence, writing: “This is our relationship. We all curse in our family. He’s not cursing at me. He’s giving [me] props for busting him creatively!”

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