Social media users unite for the sake of humanity... Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, social media channels were flooding in solidarity with the people of Paris, as well as other people around the world that suffer from acts of terror on a daily basis.

#PrayForHumanity / #PrayForPeace - These two hashtags were raised as a response to the #PrayForParis hashtag, which Twitter users claimed was unfair and biased considering the fact that what happened in Paris, happens all around the world every day. Tweeps united using these hashtags to pray for humanity and worldwide peace.

@naeemswat: “How I can reflect #France #Pakistan #Palestine #Syria #Iraq #Afghanistan flags in my display picture? #PrayForPeace #PrayForHumanity”

@Imogen_bailey: “Light a candle for humanity. #Prayforhumanity”

@BandeKhuda: “#PrayForHumanity We need to unite and Global intervention needed to stop...”

‏@TylerClary: “Respect and tolerance. Two principles required for our worldwide society to live without fear for what they believe. #PrayForHumanity”

@iHearttAvril: “The world is falling apart each day that goes by. So sad. Terrorism has no rage or religion and every human life matters. #PrayForHumanity”

@shazahnpadamsee: “What is wrong with the world. Stop this violence!!! #PrayForHumanity”

@paapstafa: “Terrorism has no religion. Terrorism has no colour. Terrorism is happening every day #prayforhumanity”

@superiorhowell: “100 people can’t go back to living a normal life anymore. 100 people are going to be traumatised for the rest of their lives... #PrayForHumanity”

@shadowdelena: “Please pray for those who lost people in Baghdad and Beirut yesterday. They matter too. They are humans and victims too. #PrayForHumanity”

@NormilasPurpose: “Wherever you are please be safe #PrayForHumanity”


@doooonie posted this picture with the caption “How devastating”

@Fozaza posted this picture with the caption “ If we have no peace, it is because we sadly forgotten that we belong to each other. Whoever kills an innocent person is as if he has killed all of humanity. The worst wounds, the deadliest of them aren’t the ones people see on the outside. They’re the ones that make us bleed internally. My heart breaks in anger & frustration for the world. Terrorism has no religion.”

@SalehAlBraik posted this picture with the caption “ It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what language you speak, what colour your skin, or what belief you have. Today, I mourn with my generation and I pray that our next generation learn from this. Pray, not just for Paris, but for mankind.”

— Compiled by Donia Yassinson/Community Web Editor