Around the world, millions of children are being left behind – disadvantaged, endangered and deprived of everything they need to thrive. UNICEF on their official website, wrote: “Investing in the poorest children not only improves their lives, but also their children’s lives – breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.” Their #FightUnfair campaign asks people to take actions to spread awareness and hold governments accountable for ensuring a better future for every child.

In a social experiment video, a six-year-old child actor pretended that she was abandoned on the street. First dressed as if she belonged to a rich family and then to look like she was poor and homeless. People took notice of her and offered her help in the first case, but shooed away the poor homeless child.

Mary Garcia: “Sadly not surprising that this child was treated differently based on the way she appeared. Most people go through their lives judging other people by their looks other than seeing their essence as a person and soul.” 

Josh Roelink: “We’re still all boxed in by our perception of the external.”

Mashaal Chaudhri: “What is wrong with us?‪#FightUnfair”

Ariana Pollard: “Oh. Our society makes so much sense. A child is a child regardless. A living being is a living being regardless of what they look like.”

Mavra Waseem: “A human is a human, rich or poor doesn’t matter.”

Quazeeshaah Noor Nitiqaa: “Every child is special. People need to understand. What is wrong with this world!”