Twitter users unite for Palestine... As clashes erupted after the funeral of the 12-year-old boy that was killed during rioting, social media users took to Twitter to express their anger at humanity.

#PalestineUnderAttack — Twitter users use this hashtag to post pictures and updates from Palestine as well as to condemn the inhumane treatment that Palestinians are facing on a daily basis. They call for worldwide action to stop the violence and save innocent lives from going to waste.

@ThisIsGaZa: “Israeli soldiers murdered deaf Palestinian for no reason, and prevented the medics from helping him.”

@jdot979: “If you think this is justified, you’ve abdicated yourself from humanity #humanityunderattack #PalestineUnderAttack”

@Rubelius: “Put the rose on my grave child...After I get you your freedom. #PalestineUnderAttack”

@RosmeWarda: “Palestine is a slow and merciless genocide...#PalestineUnderAttack”

@OneAmericnWoman: “Ignorance is no longer an excuse #PalestineUnderAttack”

@XxhaveaDreaMxX: “Strength and courage in the most dignified and courageous people of this planet, my heart and my thoughts are with you. #PalestineUnderAttack”

@MiraAbdul13: “May your souls rest in peace! #PalestineUnderAttack”

@serkanykc: “They are our sisters and you will never win them #PalestineUnderAttack”

@ModArchitecture:”All wars are wars against children...”

@jay_psych: “No surprise there. We are their voice! Let’s carry on tweeting and retweeting. #PalestineUnderAttack”

— Compiled by Donia Yassinson/Community Web Editor