Donald Trump on his Twitter page took credit and thanked himself for a surge in a key gauge of consumer confidence.

The United States president-elect wrote on Twitter that The Conference Board reported Tuesday that its consumer confidence index had climbed to 113.7 in December. Trump noted that it is the highest the index has climbed in more than 15 years, and adds, “Thanks Donald!”

Within a few hours #ThanksDonald started trending with witty and sarcastic replies.

@MrSpock2016: “I definitely know which people in my neighbourhood are racists now. #ThanksDonald”

@writersutopia: “#ThanksDonald for being living proof that to become president-elect you don’t have to have class, kindness, morals and good spelling.”

@MalyndaHale: “Because of you, I’ve discovered which of my friends were closeted racists before. #ThanksDonald

@mockingjoey: “#ThanksDonald for lying and using fear mongering to get uneducated white people to vote for you. can’t wait for you to let them down!”

@kxngandy: “#ThanksDonald for breaking the myth that racism doesn’t exist anymore.”

@LeahRBoss: “#ThanksDonald for almost two months of hysterical liberal meltdowns. It’s been glorious indeed.”

@MarkEllis14: “#Thanksdonald not paying taxes, cheating on your wife, stiffing contactors, paying legal fees with other’s donations, encouraging violence.”

@latinaafortrump: “#ThanksDonald for being anti-media &not politically correct. Thanks for not being afraid to bring up the hard questions Donald. We love you!”

@Jagjotkb: “#ThanksDonald for uncovering the silent racists in the world, much appreciated activists everywhere.”

@CorinaRey: “#ThanksDonald for single-handedly dispelling the myth that wealth equals class.”

@Trumpnado2016: “#ThanksDonald Because if you can’t thank yourself for things you had nothing to do with, then who will? Hey look, a squirrel.”

@st__v__n: “#ThanksDonald Apparently, the only person thanking Trump this year is himself. What a delusional, narcissistic, sociopathic, ignorant moron.”

@UckfayRumptay: “Women are being threatened, bullying is up, white supremacists are emboldened and we are no longer a democracy. #ThanksDonald”

@RyanNegri: “If #ThanksDonald doesn’t trend full of hilarious tweets, I’m disappointed in us.”

@BenKissel: “Haha! Nothing like a guy who thanks himself. His inner monologue is the same as mine when I order $30 of Taco Bell. #ThanksDonald”

@nycyonce: “#ThanksDonald for proving that you don’t need any experience or skills to get the job you want, just a lot of money and public influence.”

@man_baby2016: “The level of Donald Trump’s narcissistic behaviour and stupidity has proved to be the story of 2016.”

@MaddieJoel: “#ThanksDonald for making so many people absolutely terrified for their own lives!”

@liqidimond: “#ThanksDonald for giving hope to my toddler, she now knows that tantrums are presidential qualities!

Some of Trump’s supporters also joined the hashtag thanking him for positive change:

@JH_Marston: “Obama had me fooled TWICE #ThanksDonald for not letting that happen again.”

@livenewsfans: “#ThanksDonald for being elected as a president for United States. I believe you will Make America Great Again. @realDonaldTrump”

@Xer06siX: “#ThanksDonald Thanks Donald for saving this country from the morons and corrupt people who brought us to this point to begin with!”