Social media users from around the world united as they collectively shared their experience of the total Lunar Eclipse. Protecting animals such as tigers on UN’s #InternationalTigerDay was also discussed. Political matters such as Pakistan’s new prime minister and British Foreign Minister’s mistake were also widely discussed trends.

Lunar Eclipse

The longest total Lunar Eclipse of the century occurred on July 27 and people were mesmerised. The celestial phenomenon was visible from different parts of the world, with various astronomy centres and groups organising group viewing events. Social media users took to online platform to express their awe.


@Dylanholland345: Wow the blood moon really looks great tonight


July 29 marked #InternationalTigerDay, which is an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation. The endangered species were celebrated and discussion about future initiatives was discussed. Netizens expressed their concern over alarming low numbers of the animals remaining and called for action to be taken.


@Naveen_Odisha: On #InternationalTigerDay let us unite to show our respect to the majestic species by renewing our resolve to conserve and protect its habitat and let it flourish

International day of friendship

July 30 was the #InternationalDayofFriendship that is proclaimed by The United Nations General Assembly. The day aims to celebrate bonds between people, countries, and cultures that can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between different groups. Social media users posted online to cherish the friends that they have as the hashtag trended.


@ruthinrevolt: #InternationalDayOfFriendship I’m thankful for all the friends blogging has helped me to make; incredible people with inspiring stories who lift me up and motivate me every day. The gift of your friendship means more than I could ever say.

‘Terrible mistake’

In a slip of the tongue during his trip to China as Britain’s new foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt on July 30 told his Chinese counterpart that his wife, who is Chinese-born, was Japanese, but backtracked quickly. He immediately said, “That’s a terrible mistake to make.” However, he was trolled on social media for his words.


@BolsoverBeast: Jeremy Hunt obviously thinks all foreigners look the same. Even the one he’s married to.

Million millionaires

A report by Johannesburg-based market research group New World Wealth released that India is set to become home to nearly a million millionaires within the next decade. The country will have 950,000 millionaires by 2027, up almost 190 per cent from 330,000 last year. Social media pondered over what could be causing such an economic pattern.


@Jangid: #India will have nearly a million #millionaires by 2027, up almost 190% from 330,000 last year. This rise will mainly be due to competitive wages, strong economic growth, and an increasing number of #entrepreneurs.


Over 4 million people have been left out of the final draft of Assam’s National Register of Citizens (NRC). Twitter users took to the social media platform to ask questions and express their opinions using the hashtag #NRCAssam. While some said that this was forceful eviction of people living in Assam, some felt it was only right that illegal immigrants leave the country.



Indians in London and New York: We should get Green Cards and Residency because we have lived here for over 5 years.


As former cricket star, Imran Khan’s political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was victorious in the 2018 Pakistan general elections, he is set to take the oath as Prime Minister on August 11. Pakistani social media users congratulated the politician and expressed their hopes for their country.


@Ilhamfarooque: I hope Imran Khan changes Pakistan in a good way. Pakistan can’t handle corrupt politicians anymore #PrimeMinisterImranKhan