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I have been living in the UAE for the last four years and this country has always surprised me. I feel as though this country encompasses the word in it: ‘One world, one government’. It is a country for all and a government for all. The reason I say this is because you get to see the whole world in one country: different nationalities, religions, languages and more, all joining hands and living peacefully.

Every day, those people who live here, greet each other and interact with other people irrespective of their nationality or religion. Each and every one enjoys freedom and no one is scared of the other. If you are not wrong then there is nothing to worry about. The UAE is a nation that treats all people equally and provides all facilities equally to everyone. Certainly, I can say that no other country in this world has such polices and environment. Here, expats are kept safe and comfortable. People from all over the world live here cordially.

All leaders of the world must learn from this country and should know how their own people enjoy living in the UAE. In my opinion, other countries should also open their doors to other nationalities and anyone who is prepared to obey the rules and regulations of the country. My appeal to the world leaders is to forget which can’t be forgiven, and forgive which can’t be forgotten. All religions advise only to love and forgive each other, not to kill the innocent, helpless, poor people for any cause. For this, the world leaders should take initiative, like UAE.

The earnest attempts initiated by the UAE for international peace sets them apart from other countries. As human beings, we have both positive and negative aspects, but by realising this, we can be better people and support other human beings who need help. We must teach the future generation how to behave and respect others, share with each other and not to fight with each other, not to be greedy, don’t make anyone cry and remind them their actions should be the true reflection of their words. Let us not kill each other but hold our hands together to make everyone’s life happy.

From my experience, I am sure this country is the most suitable place for being the center of “peace” and world peace is possible from this country. I can’t conclude without a big salute to all those who are working hard behind the scenes, which includes every government department of the UAE. Thank you for making this a hub of peace.

- The reader is a resident of the UAE