Remain voters of Brexit are voicing their outrage against people who voted for a Brexit that they regret their decision. A new term entered the UK political dictionary: ‘Bregret’, as the value of the pound tumbled and markets crashed.

Electoral services workers in UK reported calls from people asking if they could change their decision after Friday’s result became clear, while some publicly admitted they intended to use a “protest vote” in the belief the UK was certain to remain in the European Union. More than 2.8 million people have signed a petition calling for a second EU referendum which means that the parliament will be required to consider it for debate,

Here are some reactions from social media:

Kayulta Says: “From yesterday morning almost 3 million and rising they are now asking parliament to review via an official parliamentary route. To bregretters, the non-voters and of course those who did vote remain, I’d hope you sign it and share and encourage others, it only takes a moment. Have a look, we can add to an official mass voice of reason. Signing this petition gives Parilaiment something to work with.”

Holly Green: “So I’ve heard ‪#bregretters‬ and ‪#regrexit‬are things now - suprise suprise. You know when you have a massive argument with your partner and you storm off shouting obscenities and slamming doors only to very quickly realise you’ve got no idea where you’re going or what you’re going to do now? You know your best bet would be to go home but you’re too embarrassed after throwing your toys out the pram & acting like a total wally. Well, that’s a bit like this Europe thing isn’t it?”

Daniel St Oker: “In the wake of the EU referendum result, the English language has acquired two new awful portmanteaux -‪#Bregret‬and #Bregretters.”

Kyne Lim: “So how many percent of the 1.5m are “Bregretters”? If there are at least 700k, that makes up the vote difference between Remain and Leave. Maybe the Queen should step in here. Brexit is obviously a big mistake...”

Mihai Radulescu: “I still can’t believe ‪#brexit‬ happened. How can you expect people like these to really understand the consequences of their vote? Why would you organize a referendum on issues that you know most people are completely overwhelmed by?! This is why you vote for your government, to put your trust in them making the right important decisions for the future of your country. By organizing referendums like this you basically tell people you are incompetent and their vote for you was in vain.”

Gence Gümgüm Arslan: “If the British thought much more on the consequences of leaving the EU than finding tags like “Brexit”, they wouldn’t be going through a “Bregret”.”

Gaurav Shukla: “Some of the voters chose Leave option, because they thought many others will select remain. That proves Voting is a seriuos business. Dont take it for granted...or else Brexit eventually becomes Bregret.”