Happiness is, indeed, priceless — it is not influenced by money, but by our social environment. One may have all the money in the world, however, if he or she is alone, they will never be satisfied and will ultimately get frustrated with his or her solitary attitude. We should take into consideration all the little gifts we have around us, and be thankful for them. We should feel content that we have a healthy and fit body and the fact that we are able to access the vast multitude of resources. There are many things around us, which are blessings in disguise and acknowledging these facts itself gives us happiness. Money is something that is simply used to provide security and should not be taken to be a source of happiness.

As time passes, many lament over wasting their time over something transient such as money instead of building long-lasting relationships and making memories in the short course of life. Some believe money can buy things that bring happiness but this happiness is ephemeral in nature. One who is immersed in deriving happiness out of money will soon hit the hard wall of realisation. When this happens, one will be thrown back to the isolated reality.

I disagree that one’s monetary status should be considered an index for social integrity and relations. True happiness comes from relations, which cannot be measured with material standards such as money, status or wealth. A person’s tendency to build friends comes from their attitude towards various situations and how much they are willing to sacrifice for a relation they value. Such are the true relations which value their friendship over mutual or material benefits. As a result, it can be clearly stated that money does not guarantee happiness but it is the small blessings around us that provides happiness.

— The reader is an Indian pupil based in Sharjah