The 21st century is witnessing a population that leads a fast-paced life. Everyone is busy and often stressed out. We have a lot of things to blame, with our workload being the prime factor. These are the reasons we put forth when we discuss the need for exercise. Today, people have started recognising the need to maintain a healthy and fit body.

It is ironic how gyms and fast food outlets attract the same strata of customers. Let’s understand this with a simple algorithm. Restore-Realise-Run. The three R’s of our millennia. We carelessly restore all the food into our bodies, not thinking about its consequences. We are in that ‘You only live once’ mode, wherein we are absolutely positive, or rather unnaturally so, and ‘live in the moment’ is our motto. This stage prolongs till the time we actually look at ourselves in the mirror, or till someone points out the extra bulges that our body has started to develop.

That is the time when we take health journals and magazines to heart and find body-building ads very attractive. Then, for the third R – run. We run off to the nearest health centre, dump a lot of money for club memberships and new sports wear (because we never bothered to buy one earlier, or the old ones don’t fit anymore). Then we resort to resolutions, like children on New Year’s Eve, after which, we abandon our active lifestyles after a month.

This scenario is not new to us. Yet, we keep going about the same endless cycle. I think it is time that we realise this absurd mess that we are going through. After all, it is a loss, economically as well. You spent money to make, as well as break, all your fat. Is it about excess money or lack of motivation?

- The reader is a student based in Dubai.