The world is changing completely. It now depends on and strives to cultivate industries and technological advances. We have reached a whole new level in the digital age.

But as a student, and an inhabitant of the future world, what’s next for us? All the fantastical tales, which were recited to us during bedtime, have now become a reality. Science and technology make a great team – so much so, that they now compete with our imagination.

Ideas, which once appeared abstract and vague, have now become the main reason for a company’s success. Want a phone to be embedded in a watch? Well, you can now get a smartwatch. This is just one example.

The primary question for the youth of today, as they look towards tomorrow, is – what’s next?

As science and technology makes life easier and more luxurious, will the creative heads of tomorrow be able to reach a point where they can focus on completely new inventions and discoveries?

As a student, I feel that imagining is something all young people should engage in, as an activity in our free time. We should brainstorm every time we feel we can make a change. Any thoughts or ideas that strike us should be penned down. These ideas can then trigger innovations.

I feel the ‘creative quotient’ is diminishing in the present generation. Through my personal experience, I have found that my ideas and creativity have improved on a large scale, due to my interaction with people from different backgrounds, and the constant exchange of thoughts and ideas.

We need people who abet us in thinking and creating new-age devices that can change the world. If we do not want to see a world where all creativity has stopped, it is vital to start imagining and creating… right now.

The reader is a grade 10 student at The Millennium School, Dubai