What does solidarity mean to you?… The United Nations (UN) marks December 20 as International Human Solidarity Day, which is held annually to celebrate unity in diversity. It is also meant to emphasize the importance of solidarity when tackling issues such as poverty. According to the UN, the day serves as a reminder to governments of their commitments to international agreements. It is also meant to encourage people to promote unity and come together for common causes.


As part of celebrating International Human Solidarity Day, the UN carries out a yearly online campaign using the hashtags #SolidarityDay and #2getherwith which addresses the question ‘What does solidarity mean to you?’ and states the causes people support. Social media users responded with posts, pictures, and videos to deliver their message of solidarity.

Suzanne Nitikman: “Remember #HumanSolidarityDay! Great geography and citizen resource in understanding poverty!”

Yuki Stern: “Sadly solidarity is only for people in the Western world. No solidarity between humans in Africa, in Asia… But if the world will always take from the third world, there will be no solidarity.”

Dyn Parry: “Please be proactive, take part and engage in dialogue today and talk to friends and family to encourage debate on the ways to promote solidarity in our world and the steps we as individuals can take to raise public awareness of the importance of solidarity! Spread the message now!”


@AbiMartuma: “I’m moving #2getherwith women, men, children, and all persons with disabilities. #inclusionmatters”

@LiviaAnn1: “On International Human #SolidarityDay, I stand #2getherwith those who suffer most or benefit least. Who are you #2getherwith?”

@bernardwannou: “’People need not fear one another, but join together for common causes’ – Sustainable goals for Intl Human #SolidarityDay”

@LukeJoyner: “Raising awareness of #youth, #poverty and #homelessness for International Human Solidarity Day, December 20”

@jschln1: “International Human Solidarity Day promotes the need for human solidarity indentified by the UN as fundamental and universal.”