A lot of tweeps spoke up against the decision, particularly supporters of US Republican candidate Donald Trump. Criticism was aimed at Obama, with worry that Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton will follow his policies. Some have made comparisons to other European countries and their efforts.

@ramzpaul: “Obama desperate to floor America with invaders before election.”

@karens_resale: “Obama goal, not US goal! He doesn’t care [because] his term is up.”

@RealJamesWoods: “Whether you like it or not, this issue is the fundamental reason 
@HillaryClinton will lose this election.”

@Julieoz836: “Way better than nothing, but for an economy and popular the size of the US, it’s pretty pathetic. Germany… [on the other hand]”

@Stevenwhirsch99: “USA to accept 110,000 refugees in 2017. It gets much worse if #CrookedHillary is elected. #BuildTheWall #MAGA”

Over 1 million Facebook users were discussing the issue, with posts showing divisions in American opinion. Some believe that domestic issues should be prioritised and resettlement would cost the US too much. Others consider the move a step in the right direction, reflecting American values.

Celia Florea: “This is the America I believe in. This is the America my ancestors fled to not that long ago. This is what the standard should be and what I hope we can be again; a beacon of hope and opportunity, a place of refuge for the oppressed and dispossessed. That is what made America great in the first place.”

Karen McFarlane: “Does our country not see what Germany and other European countries are experiencing? What is wrong with our government? Hillary wants to bring in more refugees from Syria, above the 110,000 projects total. We will be paying these refugees welfare checks, food stamps, housing, medical care, etc. Are you okay with this? I know I’m not! At least Trump wants background checks done… but either way, I can assure you these refugees will not be living in our wealthy government servants’ backyards. They will be living in our backyards! Meanwhile, a large majority of Americans don’t have a clue what’s going on; they’re more interested in watching Dancing with the Stars. Just pitiful!”
Chris Sult: “A lot of points of view and caveats coming from both sides that I humbly wish to address with my trademark flimsy opinions! 1. These are 110,000 refugees from around the world, not just Syria. If done properly, this is absolutely a good thing. 2. With that said, a common argument I hear is that we should be working to help make their homes safer, rather than bringing them over here. In my opinion, this is a fair sentiment and one that many of these refugees share.”

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