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Illustrative purposes Image Credit: Huda Tabrez / Gulf News

What you need to know:

  • Reader urges people to work together and build communities. 

Lately, our diverse society has gone through some rapid and astonishing changes. Economic dynamism, power struggles and advancements in technology appear to be never ending. Hunger, disease and poverty is on the rise, so is crime all around the world. Climate change is real, and is happening because of the irresponsible actions of human beings, that have made the race more vulnerable.

The importance of compassion, empathy and visionary thinking is what we need. I learnt that through 2018, during the Year of Zayed. We need to live in peace.

We have stepped into a new year and most people have made resolutions for 2019. But the question is, whether our motives and goals were set right. Did we understand that we all share a common destiny? Speaking of global citizens, did we really work on fortifying our strengths? Did we work for the community? Are we on a mission to eradicate inequality or promote disagreements?

We all know how much we have contributed to our society. If we haven’t, it is high time we wake up and work towards it. It is the dire need of the hour.

We have stepped into the New Year, the Year of Tolerance and this could be our final chance to mould ourselves, and each other. Having a community of nations, I believe, is the right way forward. As the old saying goes: United we stand, divided we fall.

- The reader is a student based in Dubai.