One in nine go hungry... The world is producing enough food to feed every person on the planet, but despite that, one in nine people in the world live with chronic hunger, as stated by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). Every year, on October 16, the world marks World Food Day. The aim is to get people from around the world to come together and declare their commitment to eradicate hunger. On social media, users joined the fight using #WorldFoodDay and #WFD2016 and pledged to do their bit to bring about change.

#WorldFoodDay/#WFD2016 - Tweeps mark the occasion.

@kevanmullah: “As we celebrate this day make sure that the person around you doesn’t starve as you feast. Donate something to the needy. #WorldFoodDay”

@AngelMaryum1: “#WorldFoodDay Say Alhamdulillah if you have food three times a day.”

(WITH PIC) @onlyprathamesh: “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness. #WorldFoodDay”

@Fuerza16jul: “Don’t waste food while others starve. #WorldFoodDay #saveFood”

@Im_Manpreet: “Food is basic need of humans. So I request we should not waste food and feed the poor if we can! #WorldFoodDay”

@ShaikhSadique91: “Help create a brighter future where food is more accessible. #WorldFoodDay”

@imtheabhi8: “On #WorldFoodDay we all have to take a pledge that we are not going to waste food anymore and feed hungry people to help eradicate poverty.”

@LilyHavisham: “So much food every day in some places, and so little every day in many others. Time to balance the scales. #WorldFoodDay”

@ochirainnocent: “#WFD2016 We see wastages amidst #hunger. But the #Globe is getting to the #better side.”

(WITH PIC) @habibraza44: “#WorldFoodDay The food that you waste could be a meal for someone else. Do not waste food! Let’s contribute in eradicating hunger from world.”

@drramansingh: “We must strive to create a world where each human being has access to nutritious food – a basic human right. #WorldFoodDay”


World Food Day/#WFD2016 - A similar trend appeared on Facebook.

Meena Lama: “Food for all. World food day.”

Rathi Arpan: “One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well. One of the most serious challenges for humanity, in which about 870 million people are hungry and malnourished, but they still live and especially children. #WORLDFOODDAY #dontwasteit”

Fathi Bashe: “Today is #WorldFoodDay, let us feed the hungry and share our food. #ZeroHunger”

Sreejith C Palakkadan: “Request you all to pray for a world without hungry.”