Adro is a student studying in high school. He is smart, intelligent and his skills have no bounds. He is enthusiastic in class as well as in sports. But unluckily, he is not recognised for the same. While on the other hand, there is another student, Tim. He is comparatively weak in studies, neither can he play any sport well. But surprisingly, the school tends to select Tim over Adro in cases of sports or any clubs that involves extracurricular activities. Why is that so? The reason is that Tim’s father happens to be a powerful and commanding person in his field. Hence, the usage of his position becomes a powerful catalyst for Tim. Till today, nepotism has always been discussed in various industries. It can be found mostly in the film industry. No one has ever thought about how nepotism is being practiced in schools, and how this could have an everlasting effect on students. This story is just a paradigm on how schools around the world miss out on helping talented children succeed, because they are so busy keeping important people happy. What people fail to understand is the fact that there are people who use their discretionary powers to see their child flourish. This is acceptable as long as you are not depriving somebody else who is more deserving. Fortunately, these issues aren’t to be witnessed in the schools in the UAE as schools over here have zero tolerance for these activities. The rise of nepotism in schools, and that too among children is a serious as well as a daunting affair, as this could have a great influence on the careers of students. College opportunities as well as scholarships can be denied to students who have the calibre to get to the zenith of their field, but cannot do so as they were denied opportunities. This virus has already spread and before this gets contagious, we need to eradicate it. To observe an equal amount of opportunities given to each and every student, you never know as someone from that group could step forward to change the world.

- The reader is a student studying in Dubai