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This is no wordplay, but facts stemming from the history of Khazars who took the Ashkenazi name after converting to Judaism in the 8th Century. These facts appear widely on the web, especially in the Jewish encyclopedia published by “the Reform Jews” of America in 2007.

The Khazars created one of the largest states in medieval Eurasia with its capital Itil in present-day Ukraine. It commanded the trade routes which became known as the Silk Road between China and Europe and a buffer state between the Christian Byzantine Empire and the newly established Arab Umayyad state. It was employed by the Byzantine Empire to wage wars in 642 AD against the Umayyads who represented a dire threat against Constantinople. Those Khazars were very well paid during the Arab-Khazar wars.

Suddenly, the Khazars’ royalty and much of their aristocracy decided to convert to Judaism. Three reasons were behind their decision: One was that Judaism has strict rules represented in the Talmud, which became essential to reform the extreme immorality of the Khazars who used to worship the male phallic symbol in their temples. The second was that Judaism was accepted by both Christianity and Islam and converting to either would bring with it the animosity of the other. Thirdly, Judaism does not believe in either of the two, anyway. Indeed, the King of the Khazars sent emissaries to Babylon, who brought with them some Rabbis of the Arab Hebrew community that crossed over from Arabia. They carried their Talmud with its strict laws to uplift the degenerate morality of the Khazars who changed their name to Ashkenazi leaving behind the shame of their worship symbol.

The new Khazars’ priesthood wrote a new Talmud with stricter laws which gave the Ashkenazis superiority above all races stemming from the claim in the Torah that the Jews are “the chosen people of God”. This Talmud went further telling the Ashkenazis that “all the other nations in this world were created only to serve the master race, the Jews, the “chosen people of God”.

In the 10th century, the Russian invasion brought an end to the state of Khazaria. Their name disappeared with all its shameful degeneracy and was totally replaced by the new name, the Ashkenazi. To differentiate them from the Arab Jews, they became known as the “western Jews” and the Arab Jews as “the Eastern Jews”.

The Ashkenazi Jews, who became the only bankers lending money with interest to both, Christians and Muslims, did indeed prosper. This prosperity, however, brought them extreme calamities known as pogroms in which whole communities of Ashkenazis were slaughtered by their Russian masters, the occupiers of former Khazaria. Whenever the Russian aristocracy needed money, they borrowed from the Ashkenazis. When the debt became big, they instigated a pogrom, in which Jewish bankers were the first to be slaughtered to erase the debt for good. This created two transformations within the Ashkenazis. The first was the necessity to save money which was converted into “light weight” objects like very precious stones to hide and carry when they needed to run for dear life. Saving for “the black day” made Jews in general richer than the majority, who did not learn to save because they did not expect “a black day”. When even this “light weight” wealth was also stolen from Jews during upheavals, Jews resorted to the only things that no human being can steal, which is an educated mind that could be carried anywhere to make a good living.

The only way for the Ashkenazis to discourage Christians from slaying them “for killing Christ” as a crutch to loot their wealth, was to emphasise the doctrine of “the chosen people of God” mentioned in the Torah, which is a part of Bible. Scaring Christians with punishment for killing “the chosen people” was the only defence for the Ashkenazi Jews who became known as the “Nazis” in the 12th Century. In time, Nazism became a generic name for “the master race” to designate the Aryan race as one, which later became the Nazi party. Hitler focused the German anger on the Jews of Germany not because of their religion, but also because of the exploiting role played by a few German Jews after the First World War.

Human history tends to repeat itself when the lessons of the past become forgotten. The Khazaria state accepted to be hired for money by the Byzantine Empire to wage war against the Arab Umayyad state. Israel, the child of Khazaria, is doing the same service and getting all kinds of support from the West. The same Nazi doctrine is being used by most Ashkenazi Rabbis to ethnic cleanse Palestine from its original population.

The Ashkenazi Jews were never in Palestine in Biblical times to claim a right of return while denying “the right of return” of the original Palestinian population, forced out of their land by the Ashkenazi 65 years ago. Some Ashkenazi Rabbis and the far-right wing seem to be copying German Nazi tactics to drive Palestinians out, steal their lands and destroy their lives. Their “students”, known in present Israel as “the price taggers”, are not only devastating properties, but also mosques and churches. Such practices are causing nightmares to American “Reform Jews”, the most ardent supporters of Israel in the world. Yet, they became reformed by rejecting immoral behaviour as well as shunning the Talmud that makes the Jews “the master race”.

Professor As’ad Abdul Rahman is the chairman of the Palestinian Encyclopaedia.