Some people may ask, who is Michelle Wolf? She is an American stand-up comedienne whose repertoire focuses on current events, political satire and insult comedy. She was a contributor and writer for the popular television show, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. She was most recently seen addressing the White House Correspondent’s Dinner which took place on April 28. It seems that she, like many, think it is smart to denigrate and disrespect their democratically elected US President, Donald Trump. She thinks it funny to poke fun at those who think abortion is wrong. I think she takes pleasure in openly insulting one of the guests of honour; White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders who had the grace not to react and has decency and intelligence, something Wolf lacks. She made disgusting comments about Vice President, Mike Pence, and his beliefs and his way of doing things. He is a man who is currently the symbol of respect, which seems to be a dying trait in the United States. I think she is rude and not funny. She mocks people who do not have the opportunity to represent themselves, and if she is the funny side of America, then it is not what every US President takes pride in saying at the end of every speech. Is there something wrong with America? Do Americans have no respect for people in power and those who have authority? This is not the way to lead the free world or to set an example to others. I think most people would be as disgusted with her performance, just like I was.

- The reader is a resident of Dubai.