Facebook and Twitter feeds have been blowing up with generated #BeLikeBill stick figure memes about how to be less annoying and people have started to make their own in response. Social media users go to the website, put in their name and gender and then a personal meme is generated.

@BeLikeBill started creating these memes in early January, but over the past few days, they have been popping up and telling people how to be less annoying, vain or insensitive.

‏@JesHamL10 tweeted: ‘#BeLikeBill is calling out people’s annoying habits in the most passive aggressive way. ‘

It’s gaining popularity because it randomly generates messages that tell peers what you want to say without having to tell them yourself. @Ya_Bishh_Justin tweeted: “Everybody please read this #BeLikeBill”

Whether it’s about being annoying by taking food pictures for Instagram, checking in on Facebook at the hospital or how to show up to meetings with friends on time – Bill has a little something for everyone.

Now social media users are creating their own #BeLikeBill’s to share what they really don’t like about what people do. Organisations and governments are making them to interact with the public and raise awareness on topics.

Western Australia Police created one to tell its residents how to behave on Australia Day. @WA_Police said in their meme: “Bill isn’t going to get out of control and become violent and antisocial. Bill is going to keep it classy this Australia Day. Bill is smart. Be like Bill.”

Alopecia UK is an organisation offering services, fundraising and getting awareness for Alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that makes people go bald or have bald patches on their scalp. They (@Alopecia_UK) tweeted: “This ‘Be Like Bill’ photo has proved very popular on Facebook today! #BeLikeBill #alopecia”

Their #BeLikeBill said: “Bill knows nothing about alopecia. Bill doesn’t make rude or ignorant comments. Bill is a good guy. Be like Bill.”

What would you like to tell your peers in a #BeLikeBill?