I have many friends who say New Year’s day is just another day, there is nothing special about it. Yes, it’s just another day, but why not make it an opportunity for a new change in our life and make it more beautiful than the last year?

Being a mother of two, my life mostly revolves around my children. They have become part of my routine and I am sure that’s the case with most mothers.

We usually make a resolution for the family, which is rarely followed through. Last year, my seven-year-old daughter Samvrutha, joined me in making new resolutions. This year it started with a family trip to Jebel Jais. Our resolution for the year is to spend more time with family and ourselves. I decided to stay away from social media for sometime. It’s unfortunate that social media takes a good amount of quality time from our lives.

Have you ever experienced a moment where your toddler comes and tells you, “please stop looking at your phone, talk to me mum”. For me, it was very painful when I heard this from Kaayu, my three-year-old, while I was busy drafting an article for my blog.

Social media has become like a virtual space where many find their space for relaxation and interests. What about our real space, our family? The tiny joys of life will soon vanish, children will grow and move on. These giggles and moments of madness don’t last forever. Let’s capture each moment and make it a worthwhile memory.

My girl said to me a few days back: “Amma, I read a beautiful story, the moral of it was, ‘Don’t change the world, you be the change’.” Her words made me think, let me be the change. I may not be able to change the world, but I am definitely capable of raising two beautiful children with good values and let them pass it on to coming generations.

Let the change be from within. Let’s raise a generation of good human beings. Let’s make them capable to stand up for themselves and for others.

- The reader is a homemaker based in Dubai