Lexicons invariably provide variable meanings of the same word, such that the meanings enable the word to be used in different contexts. Following suit, the Merriam Webster defines happiness as ‘good fortune, a state of contentment and joy, or a pleasurable experience’. But what if, in a particular context, all these meanings could apply simultaneously. Well, I believe that the life in UAE is that context. Because life in the UAE is happy: it is fortunate, contending and pleasurable.

The bodies that govern countries, are undoubtedly responsible to serve the people and create a platform where they can legally persevere to achieve their hopes and aspirations. But seldom do countries have portfolios termed ‘Ministry of Happiness’. This is exactly a crystal clear depiction of the massive quantum of importance the UAE governance gives to the happiness of the public. Already equipped with a cosmopolitan outlook, owing to the vast populations of various diaspora, the UAE’s Happiness Ministry has given an impetus to the global position of the country. The UAE is now an ideal country for public satisfaction. Additionally, the other government policies are aimed at social comfort itself. Today, the UAE has become synonymous to the fabled wonderland, not only for its citizens, but the expatriates living in it as well. They feel that they avail the comfort of their home, though they are miles away.

The year being celebrated as the birth centenary of the great father of the nation, His Highness Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, it goes without mention that the vision of this legendary leader is indeed being implemented.

- The reader is a student based in Abu Dhabi