Some say that a woman is born to get married and to give birth, to continue someone’s family, prepare them food and to manage household activities as per their needs and demands. What is true is that every woman is born with a lot of potential, beyond household courses. Today, a smart, educated and independent woman is capable to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the competitive male dominated society in almost every career field.

From doctors, pilots, engineers to teachers, caterers, bakers, women have excelled in their respective tasks with an amazing performance. No doubt, when a woman is in a social limelight, she gives her best.

Yet, there are many working women who support their husbands financially in business and emotionally at home, managing household routines of their family. Even in times of struggle, she has to fulfil all the needs of her family. It’s a 24-hour duty, sometimes unexpectedly paid with fights, cold wars, lack of attention and zero appreciation. She is expected to go on with the purpose they think she was made for. In this advanced era, the queen of the house is somewhere and somehow being ruthlessly treated as the slave of the house. If this is the condition, then why do we refer to them as non-career oriented woman and jobless? The only difference between a working woman and a non-career oriented woman is that the career allowed her monetarily to support her family. This quality of giving and forgiving, makes every woman a wonderful homemaker, yet the meaning of a homemaker remains unchanged.

Every homemaker is a multi-talented artist. An artist that holds together a house of clay with its immense love and dedication and remoulds it into a so-called “home sweet home” worthy of living in. I salute all those mothers out there, who reach the summits with great hardships. Such are not only brilliant homemakers, but also the best breadwinners in society. It has been rightly described by C.S. Lewis: “The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exists for one purpose only - and that is to support the ultimate career.”

- The reader is a homemaker based in Dubai.