Bahrain has been always an attraction to people from all around the world. Being a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), it has gone through rapid development in the past years. From high rise buildings to major corporate companies operating in the small island country, it has not only added to growth of its economy but has also given good opportunities for jobs and business.

With the use of technology in business, the modern techniques of work have been improved in Bahrain. People have modernised the environment around them. One of the most important elements that offers multiple services to businesses and individuals is in the Information Technology industry where the kingdom’s population has come closer to tech savvy methods introduced by the modern ways of business and commercialisation.

According to study and research website,, 1,278,752 out of 1,396,829 Bahraini residents have internet access, which means 91.5 per cent of the total population is using internet. But, the online business portals and services still lack the ease of business dealing or shopping. There is need of much improvement with comprehensive and reliable online business activity. Some important points that we have to keep in mind are that people have yet to accept online business as a resourceful way to deal. Also, there is a need to introduce more efficiency and new ideas while doing online business in order to attract people who can feel satisfied while buying online. Lastly, ease of payment and customer service are factors that need to be satisfied in order for a long term growth in the industry.

Use of time saving techniques, giving full information online and offering a sense of dealing face-to-face while communicating online can only bring boom to this industry.

By Adeel Javed

The reader is a freelance writer based in Bahrain.