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I always pay more than the required amount for my National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) credit card. Last month, I noticed that I had Dh9 due and so, I immediately paid. However, this did not stop NBAD from charging me an additional Dh250 as over limit assessment fee, which showed up as Dh259 in my statement. I raised several complaints with them, as I do not accept the amount, however, my complaints have been ignored. So I decided to reduce the card limit. Unfortunately, instead of solving the issue and reversing the amount, I received a second charge of Dh250 for the same.

From Mr Harun Soylu

Abu Dhabi

The management of NBAD responds:

Thank you for the constant cooperation and communication with us in the endeavour to best serve our customers and resolve their issues. We have investigated Mr Soylu’s complaint and here is our feedback.

Mr Soylu has a credit card with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi. He was charged with over limit fees on his credit card in the month of April, 2016. The charges were applied as the outstanding balance on his credit card statement was greater than the assigned credit limit. These charges are genuine and are clearly mentioned in the schedule of charges that are sent to our customers as and when there is a revision in charges and they are also updated on our website. We had explained these charges to Mr Soylu when he raised the complaint through our contact centre. We have again contacted Mr Soylu and have clarified these charges.

Thank you once again for sending the complaint to us. Our customers’ experience is very important to us and we are thankful for the opportunity to respond.

Mr Soylu responds:

Many thanks for the intervention. NBAD clarified the issue and solved the complaint.

(Process initiation: May 25. Response from organisation: May 26. Process completion: May 31.)

Never asked for a credit card

I would like to raise my concerns regarding a major breach of trust in the usage of my personal data.

Back in 2011, I was exploring options for a loan and I contacted Dunia Finance. I was requested to provide my passport and visa copies and later, I decided not to pursue them for a loan.

In 2016, I discovered that Dunia Finance has used my previously provided passport and visa copy (both are expired now) with other personal information and my job address, where I’m not employed anymore.

I simply received a text message stating a credit card had been sent to me via courier. I was shocked to get this message, as I never requested nor did I provide any confirmation for a credit card.

Once I received the couriered envelope, I was about to have a heart attack, as the credit card was sent with a Dh150,000 limit.

When I called Dunia Finance’s call centre, an agent informed me that this was a promotional card sent to all their existing and non-existing customers, and it was free for the first two years. This Platinum card expires in 2022. How can a bank or financial institution have such a promotion? What are they trying to achieve with this?

Firstly, I believe this it is completely illegal to use private details for any purpose without the customer’s consent. Secondly, what is Dunia Finance trying to prove? Without my employment details or visa information and my credit card application, why they have simply issued me a credit card?

From Mr Mohammad Anwar Balouch

Abu Dhabi

The management of Dunia Finance responds:

Thank you for sharing our customer Mr Balouch’s query with us.

We are writing to confirm that we have written to Mr Balouch, clarifying his query. As Gulf News is aware, we are unable to disclose specific resolution details with the publication, for regulatory reasons of confidentiality regarding any account related information of the customer or any account holder with Dunia Finance. The newspaper could, however, contact Mr Balouch directly if required.

We trust this closes and satisfactorily resolves the matter.

Mr Balouch responds:

I have not received any information from Dunia Finance, and I am neither their account holder nor their customer.

The management of Dunia Finance responds:

Thank you for the information that our customer, Mr Balouch, has not received our response.

We are writing to confirm that we have written to Mr Balouch clarifying his query on March 9, 2016, and have resent our letter to him. Thereafter, Mr Balouch has acknowledged that he has received our response to his query.

(Process initiation: March 8. Response from organisation: March 9. Process completion: May 10.)

‘Charged for a service that I did not subscribe to’

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) has been deducting monthly fees from my savings account for nearly a year without informing me or taking my approval. I only came to notice the monthly deductions when I received the annual statement for my account. I raised a complaint with the customer service team, however, they did not get back to me. In addition, the operator told me that even if I did not subscribe to the service, the amount would still be deducted, which I find is unprofessional and unethical.

From Ms Fida Emad Alloh


The management of DIB responds:

Dubai Islamic Bank would like to confirm that our customer service team has been in touch with Ms Alloh to address this issue. We are pleased to say that the matter has been resolved to her satisfaction and we regret any inconvenience caused.

(Process initiation: Apr 27. Response from organisation: May 11. Process completion: May 25.)

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