Increased competition

Things are tougher compared to older generations

From my personal experience and opinion as a millennial, I don’t think it is that simple to define us as a ‘spoilt’ generation. We have a lot more opportunities but we also have an equivalent amount of hardships that come with them. An example of that is: If you started a business a few years ago, your competition would be the local businesses. However, nowadays you compete with the international market that have the resources to put you out of business. So one has to work a lot harder now. What I am trying to say is, for every sea of opportunity we have, we have a sea of challenges as well.

Also, if we define being ‘spoilt’ with the same parameters as done at the time of previous generations then it wouldn’t make sense since so many things have complicated that equation. We are too diverse and too different to be easily categorised in just one word - millennials. So, in my opinion, we are just as spoilt as the previous generations, the only difference is that we easily have resources that they had to work hours for. However, in our generation, those resources aren’t enough, competition is high and survival is difficult so we have to aim higher to succeed. The thing that unites us with every previous generation is that they, too, were once looked down at by the ones before them.

From Mr Mohammad Yaseen
Computer science student based in Abu Dhabi



They are just doing things differently

Millennials raised with privileges are often associated with being lazy because we have everything handed to us. Let’s be honest, we do. However, with everything being so easily accessible and living in a comfortable environment, we feel even greater pressure to be recognised as competent individuals. We constantly feel the need to apply relentless knowledge and skills to prove ourselves to the older generations. There is a persistent comparison of how things were and should be done.

We grew up using the internet, it’s like that’s our fault. Forgive us for ‘YouTubing’ how to fix a runny pipe or how to make a sandwich. It’s true that our brains live and breathe technology but it is both a blessing and curse to be raised in a dynamic society like that.

The time we are growing up in isn’t easy. We spend years getting educated just to be told by someone that we need experience to get an internship. That’s the level of competition we face.

For our generation success is shaped by academics, whereas the previous generations might have not focused on formal education as much. It’s therefore unfair to view us as mere recipients of information, who take things for granted. We are just a generation who are technology savvy and do things differently. We are just as hardworking and aware of the process that leads to success as anyone who was born before us.

From Ms Mahnoor Malik
Bachelor of Arts student based in Dubai



They are flexible and adaptive to change

Whether it is availability of modern equipment and gadget driven life or the rapid globalisation that affects their careers, millennials are privileged to grow up in an age of advanced science and technology compared to their older generations. However, they are often called lazy, inflexible in taking up careers or jobs and often seen as very choosy in finding their prospects in life. These statements could be subjective and are over generalised, they may not apply to every individual of the generation.

I believe, they have an ability of being flexible and more adaptive to rapid changes in technology. From the psychological development side of things, their personalities and the ability to cope with pressure and stress in their life, communicate effectively and maintaining effective interpersonal relationships are just a result of guidance from older generations.

In my opinion, millennials seem to have good chances of getting employed in the current society as it is vital for the employers to choose young minds who could adapt with the advanced science and technology. There are also other positives of being a millennial. They are usually open minded to changes in the society and up-to-date with current events. Their lives are very much influenced by the advancement in the field of technology, education and even the competition within the generation to achieve the expectations of the family and the society. Without considering these factors, the older generations can be just as spoilt as well.

From Dr Shankar Srinivas Kuchibatla
Consultant psychiatrist based in Dubai



Millennials have qualities previous generations didn’t

Like everything that has its pros and cons, millennials too have the positives and downsides to them. The good is that they are open minded, driven and ambitious, even though I know that some older folks would disagree about this and say they are just lazy. Many a times my mother says that this generation is simply naive, never satisfied, ever demanding and unhappy. However, what I like about millennials is that they are very technology savvy. However, they need to understand the balance between effectively using it and addiction.

Also, millennials are frank and outright in expressing their views and opinions on issues that matter, yet sometimes that could create potentially volatile situations. I feel that this generation basically feels that the world needs a political change and they think they can bring the change, but are very idealistic in their approach to work for the same. Millennials have greater empathy, love and are more environment friendly.

From Ms Remediana Dias
Dyslexia specialist based in Dubai


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